Little Monkeys !

They are such gorgeous “Monkeys”, really interacting with us and each other now. Molly is such a sweetheart, how on earth she tolerates those little needle like teeth, which are now through, I will never know.

We have started to feed them.  Firstly with Evaporated milk and warm water and over the next few days they will build to 4 meals a day  of puppy porridge and a mix of raw meat. 

We weighed them to assess the quantity of wormer needed, I swear if they stood still long enough you could see them grow. Worming is a straight forward task while they are so young, they are so easy to hold onto. They certainly won’t fit into the tupperware tub next scheduled weigh in!

Nails were trimmed again, when they are old enough to go outside the little sharp hooks wear down but for now we trim to help Molly. 

The weather is onside at the moment, Molly has the kitchen door open and comes and goes to suit herself. Kite, puppies Grandma, adores the babies and helps clean. What she really wants to do is play she even took her Kong Lion down for them to play with, bless! 

Enjoy the video footage. In case your wondering the lightest pups are put on the milk first, not that there is much difference.


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Molly and her family are thriving . The pups eyes are open and they are sort of up on their paws . They do  struggle to bark and stand, not yet multi tasking !

Molly is going out for a walk on a longline. She would dearly love to hunt for the masses of pheasant that are on the common so this is a bit of a compromise but she loves it. 

Chris and I will start to feed them later this week, they are started on an evaporated milk warm water mix. Molly is feeding them well but I like to ease her workload.

The family are receiving visits from their future mums and dads so please get in contact to arrange a visit.

 Hope you enjoy the pics and video clip. 


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Puppies are 11 days, eyes aren’t open yet but you can see movement so any day now. Molly is super attentive, the weather has been warm for her but luckily our cottage is the coolest place.

The chubbers grow so quickly, they have all doubled in weight, all we are doing at the moment is feeding Molly. She has 4 meals and relishes every morsel!

The pups have had their first nail trim today. They grow these horrid little hooks which are so sharp. They kneed at Molly’s tummy to encourage milk flow, which can scratch. They were all well behaved, but to be honest its easy to hold them still while they are so young.

 Enjoy the picies.

The boys
The girls


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