Further Adventures

The weather has been great and the puppies are adventuring further each day. They are so brave, trundling down the field.

Granny Kite loves playing with them and sneaks in to their day area to pinch the puppy size tennis balls. Great Granny Cassie chooses on occasion to engage with them ,her most valued contribution is teaching them respect for their elders ! 

Molly is only feeding for a short time a couple of times each day and is grateful to have her mum and granny on hand to watch over them and give her some peace.

They also met Gareth the carpet fitter today who has started fitting our new hall, stairs and dining room carpet and was trying to cut the pieces outside, with the assistance of 10 Munsterlanders!   Luckily he is a massive dog lover and has been to Jo for training with his own lovely dog.

I will fly if I practice hard ! 
Testing the new carpet before fitting
Poo picking duty 
So worldly wise 
Glamorous Granny Kite 
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The big outdoors

Sorry about the delay in updates, we have had a new refurbished PC which has taken a bit of time to get sorted.

The puppies are all so happy and confident, exploring and discovering new things, playing with granny Kite and being told off by great granny Cassie. Such a good education.


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A week of firsts

Molly and her family have had an exciting week, lots of visitors which can only mean one thing in a Munster puppies world, cuddles.

They have moved into their daytime accommodation, the conservatory, which you can see their first few minutes discovering on a video clip. They have a patio which means they had their first experience of the great outdoors.

The weather has been much cooler and mixed but Wednesday was lovely so we opened their gate and out onto the drive they went, so confident and happy. Its a privilege to watch them develop physically and mentally.

Molly has watched us feed them and I’m sure she knows that her responsibilities are diminishing as far as feeding is concerned. She nips in to see them, stands for a few minutes to allow them to feed, then pops out again.

Kite their grandmother is only to happy to help, she cleans them and allows them to crawl all over her.

At nighttime the pups return to their bedroom after supper, poos and wees. Molly made her own decision to sleep with Kite and Cassie and so far we haven’t heard a squeak from them until 7.30am. 

Enjoy the videos and photos.

Granny Kite
Exploring the new daytime accomodation
The great outdoors for the first time


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