A Year of Two Halves

February 2019 bought some gorgeous weather here at Catherton. I knew I was having my second hip replacement in March so we made good use of the sunshine and built our stream. We have no mains water, our supply is from a Spring on the common, which has a run off to a pond which Chris has developed as a wild life pond. The weather also allowed me to get ahead with my vege garden, I knew I would be incapacitated for a few weeks after my op so this window of opportunity was fortuitous.

March came and off I went to Oswestry for my new hip and as most of you are aware I came out on the Monday and went to Crufts on the Thursday. Call me stupid if you like and I would agree it was a crazy thing to do. 

The next few months were spent recuperating and gardening as best I could. Our open day was in July, luckily Chris had made the decision to semi retire so he was available much more to help.

As this blog is meant as a recap of 2019 I will keep it concise, not my forte!

The National Garden scheme open day was a huge success, we raised £1,450 for various cancer help charities. The sun shone, lots of tea and cake was consumed and a good day was had by all. Chris and I were so chuft.

Molly, Crumpsbrook Molinia, and her litter brother Otto, Crumpsbrook Woodrush, both attained their stud book numbers by getting a RCC. Molly at 18 months and Otto 2 years. So thrilled with both, I know Otto has more to come with maturity and Molly will be back after her motherly duties.

Then the second half of the year kicked in.

My gorgeous cob Issie went lame and has now retired from ridden duties and returned to her breeder.

We acquired Heathcliffe from the same stud and began to break him. It was during this time that my new hip decided to give me trouble. I had returned to work, was showing the dogs and did not expect any problems. Anyway I was struggling so went back to Oswestry to see my consultant. X rays and scans followed but there was no definitive explanation. The diagnosis was too much activity too soon, so I had a smacked wrist! 

I then caught a lurgy along with the rest of the country, which turned into Pleurisy. Two courses of antibiotics later, loads of painkillers, a wonderful trip to Scotland in November and I now feel I am firing on all cylinders again, hurrah! 

Scotland provided us with a  much needed time to regroup. The girls came with us to a wonderful cottage on the Mull of Kintyre. We were blessed with the weather, the cottage location was idyllic next to a sea loch with an uninhabited island a stones throw away that we could access by walking across a a causeway.

Our friends Harry and Julie booked a cottage near by with their lurcher Socks. The 4 humans and 4 dogs explored forests and beaches to our hearts content, interrupted only for sustenance in the form of coffee and cake. Though I had a plethora of tablets to take for my various ailments I still sampled the local whisky while sitting in the cottage lounge overlooking the loch watching our nearest neighbour, a seal. The bird life was special to, oyster catchers, curlews regularly came to feed when the tide was out. 

Molly my youngest Munster was expected to come into season around this time but bless her she avoided Scotland and Christmas. She and Rosko had a successful liaison the beginning of January. I am so excited, we are keeping a puppy to continue my breeding line, assuming of course she is pregnant and has a little girl.

I have owned Heathcliffe for 5 months now, he is backed but I haven’t ridden him yet. He and Pepper have been to their winter field and are coming home imminently. I am so looking forward to doing some things with him. Fingers crossed my hips behave! 

I will wind up wishing everyone a wonderful New Year, may you all be successful in your dreams and desires. 

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Basingstoke and Other Adventures

Gosh so much to recount, but I will start with my less than positive experience of Basingstoke.

Molly came in season earlier than anticipated so I arranged a date with Jan, Rosko’s mum, for her and Rosko. We set off from home with a dodgy sat nav, which Chris had reassured me was behaving. To cut a long story short,  with no functioning sat nav  I experienced what Basingstoke has to offer in traffic islands, not the type of driving rural Shropshire has to offer. After 5 hours Cas, bless her, rescued me (I have never been so happy to see a familiar face ). Molly and I followed Cas and arrived at Jan’s house. I was so  stressed my nerves were shattered and Molly, being the  perceptive character that she is, knew mum was not her usual self.

Poor Rosko got short shrift,she did not want him near her. Being the gentle soul that he is, he became tentative in his advances!

Cas sent Jan and I  into the kitchen for a cuppa, Molly relaxed and decided Rosko was gorgeous after all. All Rosko needed was a little more time but I did not have that luxury, especially as I was worried I had a 5 hour journey home.

Cas to the rescue again, she guided me to the motorway junction and I arrived home 2 hours 40 mins later, tired but safe.

The upshot of this tale is we have various plans afoot and will go again the end of the year.

The next adventure in my life was my garden open day for the National Garden Scheme. On July 7th we opened our gates to 190 people. The sun shone and the garden was as ready as we could make it. We had friends filling various supporting roles to help the day run smoothly. Car park attendants, Peter and Al, who were kept busy even before our official opening time (apparently aficionados of NGS arrive early to get first dibs at the plant stall, which was ably manned by Jan). A whole team were kept busy at the tea and cake stall. Thank you ladies. We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s generous support.

We raised £1,436.00 for the NGS cancer support charities!

The day was rounded off with helpers enjoying a few bevies and a couple of home made curries in the garden, which rounded the day off perfectly for Chris and I.

By now my new hip replacement was 3 months old so I was ready to get back riding.

My first 2 rides were wonderful, my beautiful girl Issie was ready and willing.

The third time I noticed she was lame while coming home. On return I picked out her foot and found the culprit, (a small stone) or so I thought!

Nerve blocks, xrays, injections, remedial shoeing and daily painkillers could not make her sound. I was devastated. She had sidebone, common in her type of animal which was unlikely to be the cause of the issue in both feet, but in her right foot there were 2 spurs of bony growth on the front of her short pastern.

The upshot is Issie has gone back to her breeder for an easy life, no work to see if the lameness is mild enough for her to be happy.

I adored Issie, her temperament and willingness to give anything a go was exemplary. It broke my heart.

The stud have been amazingly supportive and positively encouraged me to look at their beautiful horses and select another.

A new chapter has begun in my life with Heathcliffe. He is 7 years old, unbroken and gelded last year. He is the same type as Issie, a traditional gypsy cob, but this time dapple grey. So now we have all boys once more in the field.

Heath has settled in unbelievably well, he gets on with Pepper, and Patrick positively adores him, no shenanigans, Pepper is boss. His training is going well, he is  so like all Lionheart Stud horses, a wonderful person , loves being handled, brushed, bathed etc. He has had his feet trimmed for the first time ever and behaved brilliantly. I think my farrier, whom I have known for 35 years, thought I was nuts bringing home a recently cut 7 year old.  Heath had all feet trimmed like he had been doing it all his life, his teeth have been rasped, he is happy with a bit and is being longreined. I am loving this new relationship, hopefully we will be out showing and dressaging next year.

Chris  is enjoying having a little more time at home this Summer having retired from one of his jobs. One of his ambitions has been to do a dressage to music freestyle test with Pepper. Well he has done it, mind you I am amazed at how much hard work it created.

He and Pepper went out for the first time and did his test to 2 pieces of music, War of the Worlds and Game of Thrones. They were amazing and won the class with a staggering 83% (9 competitors ) I am so proud from nothing to winning in literally 2 weeks.

I am hoping the Summer will return for us to continue Heathcliffe’s education. It is very windy here at Catherton today and wet. I was supposed to have agility which we cancelled hence a little bit of spare time to writ my blog .

Me and the girls will be at a few shows this Autumn starting with Welsh KC .

Oh and by the way, we have agreed to do the NGS next year!

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Those of you old enough will recognise the title of this blog from a song I used to love when I was young. Apparently the leg bone is connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone….now hear the word of the Lord. Well mine are well and truly connected now, with metal hip replacement number two. All staples out now and the wound is healing brilliantly. I am frustrated at being unable to drive, walk the girls, garden (bending and twisting are off limits ) or of course ride my lovely girl Issie.  I keep telling myself this is short term and I will soon be firing on all cylinders, yeh !

Being the character that I am, I was determined to get to Crufts after being called in for my op a week early. I had been home 2 days but there was no stopping me. 

How I wish I was sensible (well sometimes!). I shouldn’t have gone, I felt nauseous all day and by the time I got home I was exhausted. 

The one thing I did enjoy without feeling guilty was the Crufts TV coverage followed by the excellent ITV coverage of the Cheltenham Festival.

I  must mention a lady that had a puppy off me, I think 5 years ago now, called Jakki Slamin. She has been competing her Munster Lottie in Agility and had succeeded in qualifying for Crufts ABC finals. I am so impressed I had planned on going to watch but it was not to be.

Lottie and Jakki ought to be so proud of their relationship, agility is not easy as I well know. It is such a wonderful sport to participate in with your dog even at the level I promote with my clients, we have so much fun but Crufts finals, what an achievement. Well done Jakki and Crumpsbrook Sommer Eiche. So proud. Here’s to next year and I will get there to support !

I  have been planning a litter from Molly my youngest Munsterlander for a while now. I had come round to the idea of using a European stud dog and had done hours of research and made a few tentative initial contacts. My research also looked at AI matings having had such a success with Kite and Dougie’s last litter. 

I really weighed up the plans that I had for this year including my hip replacement and our National Garden Scheme open day (July 7th , please support  if you can). I also consulted DEFRA concerning travelling Molly to Europe later this Summer and asked if Brexit could complicate the situation. 

Katie was happy to accompany me for a reconnoitre of my shortlist and together with Jan (Otto’s mum ) who has A level German,  I was planning an adventure.

There was one other plan which I had bubbling away, which was using a dog in this country who’s father was a top graded German stud dog.

I had approached the owner and was waiting for their decision.

I am delighted to say shortly after Crufts and several conversations later Molly, Crumpsbrook Molinia and Rosko, Quilesta So Treasured will have a liaison this Summer! 

I am so excited, Chris (a little excited !) and I will be keeping one of this litter, fingers crossed. 

Therefore I can shelve my road-trip for now and let Brexit take its course. Thank you Jan, Rosko’s owner. 

Puppy plans will be updated in due course. Interest in this litter is already growing I have a list in place but please contact me for more information if you are interested in what should be a gorgeous litter. 

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Foundations and New Beginnings

The puppies are 8 weeks now and are off to their new lives. What a roller coaster of emotion it has been. There was a huge amount of anticipation placed on this litter, not least because it was Dougie’s frozen sperm and my first experience of AI.

Vet check went smoothly, such a healthy bunch. John volunteered to do his duty again ” mad man” and sit in the back with the pups. He must love it, this being his 4th time. The puppies also got to meet Lionel and Jas (see video)

I know there are 9 families with fingers crossed that they are able to pick up their puppies. The weather holds all the cards now!

This will be my last puppy diary, here are a few photos to tide you all over until pick up.


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Proper Winter

I thought it couldn’t last for ever, the weather has been unseasonally kind especially with extra paws to clean ! 

It has been either raining or foggy here, we even had snow which 9 little munchkins went out to do their ablutions in without a thought .

They go out after every meal plus, as often as possible, in-between times. They are loving it. Chris or I have to be out with them. We have had a couple of great escapes, once under the gate onto the common and basically anywhere they shouldn’t be! 

Kite has more or less given up feeding now and she looks brilliant , she has been to the woods and had free rein to run and hunt with Cassie and Molly, which she has loved.

Girls are all allocated now, Katie and Matt came Sunday to assess the boys and are perusing their thoughts, decision coming soon !

Microchip and vet check appointment is booked for next Monday.  Kennel club registration is applied for, I am waiting on their acceptance of the litter names. This litter will be Crumpsbrook followed by a spice . 

I do feel at this stage our other animals have to take a bit of a back seat. I really wanted to take Molly to Manchester Championship dog show, simply because we both needed the practise ready for Crufts at the beginning of March. Luckily everything was going smoothly here so off we went. For those of you not experienced with the showing game the first classes are age related i.e. puppy and junior, then at 18 months they go up to Post Graduate where they compete against adult dogs for the first time. Molly and her brother Otto were 18 months on the 16th January so had to compete in Post Grad for the first time. With this in mind I had not anticipated any success. When I arrived at Stafford County showground Katie was in the ring with Lionel, Crumpsbrook Bayleaf von Rulander, and a very disillusioned Jan and Tony explained they had arrived too late for their class. We were following 93 Vislas in the ring and the judge was far more efficient than we had anticipated. Katie had just got there and had to go straight in. Lionel won his open dog class. Went into the challenge and was awarded reserve champion dog.

Bitches got under way promptly and in Molly and I went, she was a super star and showed like a dream, tail wagging the whole time. 

We were awarded first, yeh !! 

A little while later we went in for the challenge, we strutted our stuff again and Molly Moo was awarded the reserve champion bitch. Amazing at 18 months 4 days, I literally jumped for joy.

A mention must go to Sarah who took Lincoln and Keiko, Crumpsbrook Angelica. She too missed Lincoln’s class but the day was made worth while by Keiko winning her limit class.

So all things considered a fantastic day for Crumpsbrook 3 first places and 2 reserve cc’s.

Jan and Tony your day will come and we will enjoy it all the more ! 

These 9 Dougie and Kite babies have have an illustrious family.

Roll on Crufts, if you haven’t been try to go, its a great day out and Team Crumpsbrook will be there Thursday 7th March.Tickets available on line. 

Today the skys are a little brighter so a few more photos for your perusal. 

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Week 6

Just a few short video clips. Will try to get blog done tomorrow (Monday 21st)

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Big Sky

I am thrilled to report Kite is back to her gorgeous self. Patrick also is fully recovered plus he is very happy to have his horsey friends back from their winter holidays. I can safely say this last week has been much less stressful. Thank goodness .

The babies are 5 weeks old now and have had their first foray out into the great outdoors. It was cold but dry first time and my did they love it. Katie was here to witness how bold and inquisitive they were, no shrinking violets here !  

Granny Cassie, sister Molly and mum all came over to play. Molly especially loves them, Cassie less so, after all she has seen a few Crumpsbrook babies grow up now.

The pups explored everything within their range, chewed a few things, trod on their first nettle, poor babies. Did it put them off “not a bit of it “. 

They are being taken out after every meal and are already learning this is a good time to poo so we are getting fewer poos indoors.

Keeping track of 9 confident explorers keeps Chris and I busy , but its so much fun watching them experience new adventures.

It actually rained on them yesterday but again no impression, they are true Munsters and love the outdoors.

Kite is keen to feed them first thing in the morning but after that she just likes to check they are ok, then is off. I can’t blame her, those needle teeth are so sharp .

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Oblivious Puppies !

Events frequently come in 3’s its said. Well my word this week has been eventful.

Firstly Saturday morning, Patrick our elderly donkey , refused his mug of tea and banana, Chris then said he had only picked at his breakfast.

Suspicions were aroused, there were no obvious fresh poos and he did not look his usual happy self.

One vet visit later he was diagnosed with colic, given a muscle relaxant and an anti inflammatory. Within an hour he was grazing, pooing and looking very much happier, phew !

The next day we found our cockerel Max dead on the drive, heaven only knows what was the matter with him. He was old (well over 10) and had a great life training generations of puppies to respect our hens and was a friendly soul and a gentleman with his ladies. We will have to go shopping!

Monday morning Kite looked really sorry for herself , the dreaded mastitis had struck. Off we went to the vet and antibiotics and pain relief were given. 

Tuesday she still had a temperature and her de-meaner was not good. Off we went again. The antibiotic was changed and we had to stop her feeding her pups, not that she wanted too, she was so sore.

Temperature levelled off a little and I hoped we had turned the corner. No such luck . Thursday we were told the infection needed to come to a head and burst before she would feel better. OMG, what had I done,  I felt awful.

Friday morning she had a boil the size of a 50p on her breast. Pete our vet who has seen this horrid problem several times reassured us and said he was not concerned about her general condition and de-meaner. The best we could do was go home and wait. 

No sooner we were back, Kite lay on the sofa and it burst. I will spare you the graphic details but it was horrid.

As I write (Friday 4th pm) I am feeling so much more optimistic, Kite wanted to feed her babies so we are allowing them with her 3 at a time. The other glands are full of milk and we don’t want a repeat scenario in another gland . 

 I am hoping now that the hole will drain well and healing will take place.

Honestly when you breed a few litters you always hope that things go well, we have had a few traumas, but the end result has been positive. When you see your gorgeous girl in pain it makes you question what you are doing . Then you see her with her babies again looking so much happier and it ALMOST makes it seem worthwhile.

Now to the positives. We almost missed the pups 4 week birthday with the chaos going on. My how they have changed, their teeth are through and don’t we know it !  They are eating so well and thriving and seem not to have been affected by Kites absence.

We have moved them into their day sunroom, we did this earlier because of Kite needing to spend time with us and everytime they smelt her they cried, which was most unsettling for her . 

We have a pot bellied stove in there, which is kept chugging away keeping them warm .Nights are spent in the maternity wing as usual .

We have taken a couple of photos some prior to the Mastitis episode and vidoes of their  first foray into the conservatory. 

Latest update …

Kite is sooo much better this morning, she is eating well again and now we have stopped the anti-inflammatory she is allowed to feed her babies which she was so excited to do this morning. Needless to say Chris and I are so relieved. Fingers crossed for continued improvement . 


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21 Days, 1st Christmas

What a day it has been, pups have been wormed for the first time, had nails trimmed again, weighed, all blooming, and most momentous of all (well for them anyway!) their first meal.

They all relished the experience. Most of it, I think, went in their tummies. Kite came in afterwards and did a great job of cleaning their faces, tummies, paws, in fact every bit of them.

We have puppy proofed the “maternity wing “, plastic down now and bless their cotton socks they are coming out onto the paper to wee. Their sense of adventure is starting to kick in and every day sees them more stable on their paws.

Now a confession, to mine and Chris’s huge embarrassment,  while handling the pups for their worming, Chris questioned if he had the correct pup, Sprout, because he was a girl !!! We checked and double checked and yes Sprout is indeed female. The new tally is 6 boys 3 girls. 

Once we were 100% I offered one family who had been waiting all year for a pup first refusal of changing back to a girl, which they decided to do. Katie and Matt now have one less boy to choose from so their decision should be a fraction easier when the time comes.

Enjoy the new instalment of photos and video footage.

A very sheepish Jo signing off .

Happy New Year .

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2 Weeks

I have just returned from Kites walk on the common, she goes on a long line for 2 reasons, one I want to control how many calories she burns running around, plus there are so many pheasants she would be off
hunting through the gorse and heather and she could get scratched teats. Kite loves this “me” time.

Cassie, Molly and Kite enjoying some quality time in the December sunshine

Talk of the devil, she has just finished feeding her brood after her walk and wash, and come up to the office to say hello to me while I am typing this.

We had a 2 week weigh in for the pups, they are all over 1 1/2 kilos now. A larger weigh tub will be required next time around that’s for sure. Nails have been clipped for a second time. All eyes are open now and as you will see on the video clip, the little munchkins are getting quite mobile.

I think we are organised for Christmas, the last Sainsburys trip has been done, so the fridge, pantry and wine rack are full to bursting.

I would like to send “tidings of great joy” to everyone.

2019 will see the start of a new era for everyone having a new Crumpsbrook family member.

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Day 10

Kite’s pups are now all over a kilo in weight, claws have been trimmed for the first time. We are checking everyday for the first signs of eyes opening, so exciting. They are such a strong, even litter.

Kite is doing well, her appetite is voracious, she has 6 meals a day. She gets up and comes into the kitchen when she hears one of us in there and seems to be appreciating frequent meals.

Chris and I are so proud of her and are thankful for a copy book time of it so far. 

We will keep you posted on progress.

Enjoy the photos.



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Day 4

Kites puppies are thriving, they are growing terrifically. There isn’t too much for Chris and I to do at the moment other than feed Kite, her appetite is huge, and keep everything clean. She looks so well but clumps of hair are beginning to fall out. Most of this is caused by the puppies tirelessly kneading her tummy, they seem to have insatiable appetites.

Sunday Chris took the puppies Granny, Cassie, and sister, Molly, to Wyre Forest. When they realised they were going they barked and poor Kite heard. She really wanted to go. I  decided to take her out on a long line on to the common to compensate, just for 10 minutes. She loved it. I washed her tummy and paws with Hibiscrub on our return and she went straight back to her babies to feed them, content to do so. 

A few more photos for everyone to enjoy .

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Special Parcels !

I had a premonition that the pups would come Thursday and I was right.

The tumble dryer arrived Wednesday and the bedroom furniture is postponed until next week. I did get a phone call Wednesday from Oswestry hospital to go for my premed for my hip op because they had had a cancellation the following day, but I declined !! 

Wednesday lunchtime Kites temperature dropped but otherwise she was fine, still eating, no shivers or groaning. Chris and I monitored her all night and Thursday morning at 6.00 am the first puppy popped into the world. By 7.30 am 4 boys had arrived. Kate arrived around 9.00 am. Kite seemed pleased to see her then got on with the task at hand and produced our first girl at 9.35. 10.00 saw boy number 5 make an entrance. Kite then had an hours rest and at 11.10 another boy, number 6. There was obviously more to come, 7 down and only 1 girl.

At 1.00 pm boy number 7 then after a 2 3/4 hour gap the final pup was girl number 2.

I have never had such a relaxed bitch, Kite even drank her evaporated milk while having contractions. A favourite of mine to give during whelping, it gives lots of calories for energy, plus all important fluid. The pups weights ranged from 500 gm to 610 gm no wonder their poor mum was uncomfortable.

As for the munchkins, their nicknames had to have a Christmas theme.

The girls are Tinsel and Angel, the boys Snowball, Star, Sprout, Spruce, Cracker, Joseph and Cranberry. All names suggested by their markings.

Joseph is the most tenuous, he has a tiny letter M on his leg and we couldn’t call him Mary so Joseph it is!

The Girls


The Boys


We will post regular updates on my website puppy diaries and blog.

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Watched Kettle Never Boils !

The maternity wing is in place ,Milton and Hibiscrub at the ready .We are all set to go .Poor Kite is so uncomfortable now ,I really do feel guilty for putting her in this predicament .She has developed a taste for Felix cat food with warm evaporated milk ! She has lots of small meals because her tummy is squashed with puppies . Bless her, she can have what her heart desires . 

Molly Moo wondering why mum isn’t interested in playing 

We are taking her temperature daily ,to wait for the tell tale one degree drop which suggests whelping is likely in the next 24 hours .

Chris and I are having a new bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers which apparently is being delivered Thursday .The bedroom has been decorated in anticipation. Plus, the tumble dryer broke last week and a new one is being delivered Thursday, much needed for drying towels etc .

What are the odds of Kite going into labour on Thursday ! 

Will keep you all posted on any arrivals .

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Good News

My visit to Elstree to watch “Strictly” was an amazing experience. It started with queuing from 5.30 am on the Saturday morning . We were numbers 239 and 240. The people who were first in the queue had been there since 10.00 pm the previous night. Sal and I had our tickets vindicated at 9.00 am and left to have some bubbles and to get ready. We returned to the studio in our finery at 4.00 pm and were shown to  our seats at 5.00 pm. We had an amazing position literally feet away from the “Claudatorium”. The dance pros and the celebrities were so friendly, chatting to us  about the show and their outfits. The dancing, music, singing, absolutely everything was outstanding.  I was so excited, especially as it was Movie week. The BBC record the results show straight after the live Saturday show meaning we eventually left our seats at 11.20 pm. What a night! I watched the results show at home Sunday evening obviously knowing the result, but I did not let the secret out. I did appear on the tele when Claudia was talking to the judges, it was surreal knowing I was there.

Katie and I had a visit to the vets with Kite for her AI. This was a first for me, so interesting. Modern science is incredible and Kite was so patient, she stood rock still for the procedure. 

We all had a nervous wait then for Kites 28 day scan.

Chris and I had a week away in the meantime with our gorgeous girls in Wales near Abersoch, an area we had not visited before. The cottage was situated in a perfect location for the girls, a 5 minute walk to a huge beach one way and a short walk to the headland the other. We had a lovely relaxing time walking with our lovelies on lots of stunning empty beaches. The weather was glorious which was the icing on the cake. Molly loved the sea, she chased umpteen seagulls, Cassie hunted the sand dunes for bunnies while Kite behaved completely differently, she was so sensible I had my suspicions that she at least thought she was pregnant .

On our return to Shropshire I made our appointment for the scan. Chris and I met Katie there. When we went in we informed Julie that it was an AI mating and her expression changed, she had experienced several unsuccessful scans. The pressure was on! We need not have been concerned, within seconds the screen showed what we had all hoped to see, several little foetus, yeh. Kite is due on the 10th December so we will have a busy and exciting Christmas and hopefully Kate, Matt and Miles will have the Christmas present they wish for, a marvellous Dougie and Kite Munster pup.

I must also say how proud I am of Lionel, Crumpsbrook Bayleaf von Rulander. He has achieved so much at such a young age. A few weeks ago he gained his 3rd CC making him a show champion but to top that he has just been awarded full champion status, being placed in a field trial and gaining the Guns Award. I would like to take a tiny bit of credit, genetics obviously plays a part, but Matt is such a talented, patient trainer and gets the very best out of his dogs. Many congratulations to you both .

What a team we are, lets hope for more success in the ring and in the field.

Chris has been working on our website,  it was so out dated. It is now looking revitalised and more importantly up to date. Yeh. 

Will post news of Kites whelping in due course, everything crossed for a safe landing.

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