Cassie Puppies 2012

Crumpsbrook Acacia (Cassy) was mated to a super stud dog Tanzenbach Water Boatman (Harry) and pups arrived 11th January 2012, 7 girls and 4 boys.

All of the puppies, except Jas who is here to stay, have gone to wonderful caring people and the perfect homes for a Crumpsbrook Munsterlander. See below for pictures of the puppies.

I am always thrilled to receive photos and updates of the puppies adventures so please keep them coming.

Crumpsbrook Jasmine (Jas)

Jas with her Granny, Mum and Uncle Otto (and Ebby)

Crumpsbrook  Hebe (Sky)

Crumpsbrook Rubus (Ben)

Crumpsbrook Amelancier (Heidi)

Crumpsbrook Daphne (Cheshire Quill)

Crumpsbrook Aralia (Gloucestershire Quill)

Crumpsbrook Berberis (Sullivan)

Crumpsbrook Magnolia (Zennor)

Crumpsbrook Hickory (Henry)

Crumpsbrook Pieris (Digby)


Crumpsbrook Camellia (Ava)


Week 7

The weather has really been on our side. The puppies have had a fantastic week spending lots of time outside exploring, playing and meeting the hens. It is nearly impossible to get a photo of them all together (you will need to look for evidence of Quill in the first pic).

They are all going to their new homes starting this weekend. Though both Chris and I are both exhausted we shall really miss them, they are a complete joy and we are very proud of them. One little girl, Honey who will now be known as Crumpsbrook Jasmin (Jas), will be staying with us and we hope to keep in-touch with all her brothers and sisters.

Day 42

Puppies had a very busy day venturing out into the field for the first time. They loved it!

Day 33

Here come the girls

followed by the boys

Day 25

Puppies eating 3 times a day giving Cassie a little reprieve. Their teeth are through and are already feeling pin like! They are having Burns Mini-bites porridge, minced chicken, eggs and evaporated milk.

Day 20

Decided to try and help Cassie a little by seeing if the puppies were interested in their Burns Mini-Bites puppy food. As you can see they were, but table manners left a little to be desired!

Day 18

Puppies up and about if a little unsteady especially when trying to bark. All taken to lapping evapourated milk and progressing really well.

Day 14

All eyes are now open and the puppies are getting mobile and starting to interact with each other.

They had their first worming treatment today without too much fuss. It gets tougher from now on as they know what to expect.

Cassie seems to be thriving on motherhood and is eating us out of house and home. She has as much as she wants with all those tummies to fill.

Day 10

Puppies continue to grow and develop. The littlest girl that we call Quill has surprised us by being the first to open her eyes.

A tight squeeze in the incubator during bedding changeover

The 4 boys

The 7 Girls

Day 5

Day 3

Cassie is proving to be a very caring mother. She is so careful when getting in and out of the whelping box. She is managing to feed all the puppies herself and we are doing our bit by feeding her regularly and as much as she wants. She is enjoying going out into the field to see Willow and Ebby for a few minutes and checking out smells of pheasants and rabbits that may may have gone by. She soon lets us know she wants to go back and see her babies.

Cassie and Harry’s Puppies Day 1 – January 12th 2012

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