Owners and breeders of Large Munsterlanders based on the Shropshire, Worcestershire border

On occasions we will breed from carefully selected matings and do sometimes have puppies available to excellent homes.

Jo is proud to be a member of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme.

A conscientious breeder takes great care in the health and temperament of the parents of the litter.

Through her work as a dog trainer and behaviourist, and with many years of practical experience, Jo understands the huge importance of rearing Crumpsbrook litters.

There are several stages of development in a puppy and at Catherton they are exposed to as many aspects of life, gaining valuble, positive life experiences . By the time you obtain your puppy at approximately 8 weeks old it is significantly more advanced than a human baby.

Early conditioning will start here with us, but your Crumpsbrook puppy will be reliant on you (with help and advise if needed) to instigate learning, training and socialisation.

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