Spring Bank Holiday

The period of time  between my blogs seem to get longer and longer , not for any reason other than time . 

We have had some much needed rain after a dry April and the garden is blooming .Chris and I have everything planted now and after last years disaster with the brassicas and the dreaded cabbage whites , I bought Chris a brassica cage for his birthday.  I hope it works. 20170529_423

The horses are well, Pepper and Chris have been out twice now and stepped up to  Novice level dressage .The last competition I managed to start calling the wrong test. Fortunately Chris knew it well enough to not go wrong ,but it did distract his concentration. He carried on a little flustered then managed to strike off on the wrong canter lead, but the judge loved Pepper and awarded a huge range of scores from 3 to 8.5 .The total was 67.88 % and second place so it all bodes well for the future .


Issie my cob is a delight , I absolutely adore her . She has qualified twice now for TOYS which is the Traditional Cob Championships in August.

Her schooling is improving ,she is not the most flexible in the world after all she has short  body ,perfect for pulling carts,which means she struggles to bend into her corners ,but she is learning ,this is  aided by the fact she is so willing.

 My friend Jackie has bought a young horse Theo ,he will be 4 in July .He came from the same stud as Issie , his mother is a lighter weight mare and his father a traditional cob . She has done all of the training herself with a bit of support from Chris and I and he is progressing well , Jackie had her first hack on him at the weekend.Yeh !


 Now Doggies!

Kite has been for a romantic liason with Dougie ,she was incredibly keen and Dougie must have thought all his Christmas’s had come at once ! 

 These pups should be ,all fingers crossed ,an absolute delight, I can’t wait its been 2 years since our last Munster litter.Scan in 3 weeks .

 Cassie went to WELKS and won another RCC  this was a wonderful bonus. She still needs one more ticket to get her title . She will go to a few shows when time allows .It could  be a busy Summer with Kites pups, Issie to ride and show, Pepper and Chris to support at dressage and the garden, but I am a very lucky girl and I LOVE IT !


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