Few More Grey Hairs !

We had a sad occurrence a few weeks ago, one of Ruby’s bitch puppies from her 2016 litter went into the vets for a routine spay and tragically died under the anaesthetic. I must admit I am guilty of thinking when vets or doctors give the spiel about the risks of anaesthetic I have been blase, no longer!

After much soul searching and thinking Chris and I decided to offer Jan, the puppies owner, Ruby. Ruby is an amazing girl but was very much the bottom of the pecking order at Catherton, something she coped with admirably but it did cause her some stress.  

The upshot being that Ruby now lives nearby with Jan and Sarah plus their other dog Vasco (a lab springer cross) 2 pigs, assorted chickens 4 cats and “Rabbit” plus her baby (not convinced of the odds for long term survival of “Rabbit” I must say as she is  free range! ). They have a huge garden so very much familiar territory.

Ruby has settled really well, she has visited lots more of Shropshire in the few weeks Jan has had her, including National Trust properties, tea shops etc etc and they have a lodge in Wales, lucky Rub, plus we will see her regularly.

Kite and Dougie’s babies were due this week but as time progressed it was obvious that Kite had a belly full. Last Friday morning the 14th July I got up, started to prepare the girls breakfast and noticed Ebby my older Shepherd was not well. She was very sad looking and had a swollen tummy which when I felt it, it was rock hard. I phoned the vets immediately and she was admitted with a gastric torsion. Ebby was her usual self the previous evening and had eaten her tea. We came home leaving her to be operated on. We fed the other girls and I took Kites temperature, normal.

Lunchtime, Ann my wonderful vet, rang to say Ebby was seriously poorly, her stomach had twisted and her intestines were everywhere except where they should have been and her Spleen was swollen too. The spleen was removed, her stomach tubed and untwisted and her intestines put back. The problem was her heart rate was dangerously low, 40. We ought to go and see her.

She was lay in a kennel with so many blankets on her and drips in place but she was not really aware. Chris and I felt we were saying our last farewells. Ebby was transferred to Bridgnorth  for monitoring over night.

Kite meanwhile was panting and unsettled. A sleepless night for us.

Saturday morning Kite’s temperature had dropped one degree, whelping likely in the next 24 hours.

Ebby had survived the night her  heart rate had recovered a little to 60, normal for a dog like her is low 80’s 

Lunchtime vet rang to say she had eaten a little bit of chicken, but was still poorly. I asked if we could have her home and the vet agreed as we were going to be with her. We picked her up Saturday evening, my friend Jackie stayed with Kite, who was still unsettled and panting . 

Ebby was so happy to be home, she ate a small tea then lay in the lounge sleeping.

Chris slept downstairs with Ebby and Kite. Our lounge was split into the maternity wing and the geriatric wing ! 

Early Saturday morning Chris went out with Kite, thought she was only having a poo ,but no there was the first sign of a pup!

I was in the bathroom heard him shout and ran downstairs. Her first baby arrived 7.30 am a little girl, ten minutes later number 2 arrived and so it continued until 12.00am when 10 puppies had graced us with their presence.

Kite then settled to feed her babies and have a snooze.

At 3.00 pm she began to be  uncomfortable and contractions started again.  By 4.00 I was beginning to worry a little, the others had popped out with few contractions. This little girl was obviously so much more comfortable with all the space in mummy’s tummy and was not in any hurry to make an appearance. One last push at 4.30 and out popped number 11. 

All of the babies are over 454 gm , now 36 hours on I cannot believe they were inside Kites tummy. She had 5 boys 6 girls.

Ebby has continued to improve, she has a huge wound but is eating and pooing normally, whoopy. 

Phew what a weekend but what a result ,couldn’t have been better ,both of us were exhausted mentally and physically .

Kite is a wonderful mum as we had hoped as both her mum and grandmother were.

Our job currently is looking after her to enable her to nurture her and Dougie’s offspring.

We have had a change of plan and now intend to keep a pup, so happy! 

Enjoy the pics folks.

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