Life and Death

Sorry my blog is a couple of days late.

Kite and her puppies are doing really well, no worries there.

My gorgeous Ebby was put to sleep yesterday, Tuesday. She had recovered so well from major surgery several weeks ago and was such a happy girl. We had a walk on the common on Sunday as the sheep are all off at the moment and the Curlews have now left their nest sites, so off we all went. Kite came too on a long line for her first proper walk since the puppies. I wasn’t going to risk her bounding over the gorse and scratching her teats hence the 20 meter line. 

Ebby really enjoyed it, barking and leaping through the bracken,it was a joy to see her.

Monday morning she was quiet and just lay around doing nothing, not her at all. She refused her meals.

Tuesday she looked at me and I knew something was seriously wrong. 

After a scan at my vets where they found a bleed in her abdomen we decided to let her go. 

Ebby was the first puppy we kept from our first ever litter. She was an amazing person. She came on my training courses with me and helped me get my dog training teaching qualifications. I used her extensively as a stooge dog with dog aggression cases. She was so confident and trusted me implicitly. Ebby used to come upstairs and lie by the side of the bath if I was having a soak. I always knew where she was, with me. She would lie in the dining room watching me cook and knew when I was making liver cake for my training classes that she had the food processor to pre-wash This was her special treat.

Its the end of an era, both Chris and I will miss her, be sad yes,  but we must remember the wonderful, happy times we had with he. Ebby is buried down our field near the wildlife pond where she loved to paddle and will never be forgotten. 

20090512_460  20080913_459  20101113_461

Thankfully we have 11 wonderful new lives to focus on and how they are growing in stature and confidence.

The family have had lots of visitors and so many cuddles.

They are on 4 meals a day now and scoff it. Kite feeds occasionally, when she wants to. Its Chris’s and my time to feed and clean up now.

They have gone into the conservatory and out onto their patio during the day, which they love, and have started to wee and poo outside.

They have also moved in to the “Luxury Apartment” which was the cats bed, poor Milly! 

They still sleep in the lounge/maternity wing and we haven’t heard a peep from them. Kite is happy to be back with her mum and granny at night. She is losing her coat and her tail looks like it belongs to a Lurcher, but apart from that she is really well. I’m so relieved her responsibilities are lessoning, she is being a fantastic mum and now we will do our fare share.

Puppy worming is due again this weekend coming so they will be weighed. I can’t wait to see how much they have grown.

Not sure what we can put them in, or what will be big enough for them and fit on the scales because they certainly have outgrown the last tub. 

 20170814_456 20170814_455 20170813_454 20170813_451 20170813_450





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