Proper Winter

I thought it couldn’t last for ever, the weather has been unseasonally kind especially with extra paws to clean ! 

It has been either raining or foggy here, we even had snow which 9 little munchkins went out to do their ablutions in without a thought .

They go out after every meal plus, as often as possible, in-between times. They are loving it. Chris or I have to be out with them. We have had a couple of great escapes, once under the gate onto the common and basically anywhere they shouldn’t be! 

Kite has more or less given up feeding now and she looks brilliant , she has been to the woods and had free rein to run and hunt with Cassie and Molly, which she has loved.

Girls are all allocated now, Katie and Matt came Sunday to assess the boys and are perusing their thoughts, decision coming soon !

Microchip and vet check appointment is booked for next Monday.  Kennel club registration is applied for, I am waiting on their acceptance of the litter names. This litter will be Crumpsbrook followed by a spice . 

I do feel at this stage our other animals have to take a bit of a back seat. I really wanted to take Molly to Manchester Championship dog show, simply because we both needed the practise ready for Crufts at the beginning of March. Luckily everything was going smoothly here so off we went. For those of you not experienced with the showing game the first classes are age related i.e. puppy and junior, then at 18 months they go up to Post Graduate where they compete against adult dogs for the first time. Molly and her brother Otto were 18 months on the 16th January so had to compete in Post Grad for the first time. With this in mind I had not anticipated any success. When I arrived at Stafford County showground Katie was in the ring with Lionel, Crumpsbrook Bayleaf von Rulander, and a very disillusioned Jan and Tony explained they had arrived too late for their class. We were following 93 Vislas in the ring and the judge was far more efficient than we had anticipated. Katie had just got there and had to go straight in. Lionel won his open dog class. Went into the challenge and was awarded reserve champion dog.

Bitches got under way promptly and in Molly and I went, she was a super star and showed like a dream, tail wagging the whole time. 

We were awarded first, yeh !! 

A little while later we went in for the challenge, we strutted our stuff again and Molly Moo was awarded the reserve champion bitch. Amazing at 18 months 4 days, I literally jumped for joy.

A mention must go to Sarah who took Lincoln and Keiko, Crumpsbrook Angelica. She too missed Lincoln’s class but the day was made worth while by Keiko winning her limit class.

So all things considered a fantastic day for Crumpsbrook 3 first places and 2 reserve cc’s.

Jan and Tony your day will come and we will enjoy it all the more ! 

These 9 Dougie and Kite babies have have an illustrious family.

Roll on Crufts, if you haven’t been try to go, its a great day out and Team Crumpsbrook will be there Thursday 7th March.Tickets available on line. 

Today the skys are a little brighter so a few more photos for your perusal. 

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