Crufts 2022

I always look forward to March, Crufts and Cheltenham races are both special days for me.

Molly has had a busy 6 months rearing a litter of pups and being spayed, she was looking good. Just imagine how us humans would be if we had had  babies and a hysterectomy! 

Kite, was entered too so off we all went, munching sausage and bacon rolls in the car on the way ,yum .

I had 3 homebred male Munsterlanders entered, Katie with Lionel (Crumpsbrook Bayleaf) 2020 BOB in field trial dog and Amos (Crumpsbrook Galangal) in post graduate, Jan and Tony with Otto (Crumpsbrook Woodrush) in Limit and Jo with Morgan (Crumpsbrook Jay) Post Graduate.

The day started well as Jo and her family Rob, Chris and Ben, who own Morgan had never attended Crufts  so we hopefully arranged to meet up on the car park and walk in together. While talking on the phone it became apparent our timings were impeccable we were being shepherded onto the same carpark. Jo asked what car we were in, I replied our black Bellingo, the next second Rob tooted the horn and by some miracle we were side by side. So far so good. Jo bless her was incredibly nervous and  Rob and the boys excited. Jo needn’t have worried Morgan looked gorgeous and they won their class.

Amos and Katie were a creditable 3rd also in post graduate .

Next in was Jan and Otto, they are such a team now and are becoming consummate professionals. Blow me they  too won their class.

Katie and Lionel were unopposed in their Field Trial class, Lionel is one of few full working and show champion Munsterlanders. He always puts his best paw forward and cruised round the ring to gain first. 

I had 3 dogs in the CC line up WOW. 

Congratulations to Annette Davis Green and Abdecker Dancer, she and her beautiful boy won the CC and Lionel was awarded the reserve ticket. 

Then it was the turn of the bitches, no pressure there then! 

Molly was a super starm she loved strutting her stuff her tail never stopped wagging. She came 4th in a large class. OK I thought, but it was straight in with Kite, quick lead and number swop and off I went again.

Kite flew round the ring loving every minute, she is so accomplished at this showing game. When the judge approached me for first place I was thrilled with my lovely girl. 

I had one more run to do for the bitch challenge so in we went again.

Round we all went, then one last free stack for the judge. Our Judge Gordon Horan walked to the judges table picked up the award cards and turned,  he strode toward me and presented me with the bitch CC.

I was so excited, but knew I then had to go against Annette and her handsome boy for Best of Breed I honestly thought she would get it.

We ran round together, our judge went to the table again, turned and with an outstretched hand awarded Kite Best of Breed. The poor judge got a hug, he seemed not to mind. Then I sobbed! 

I would sincerely like to thank Mr Horan for appreciating Kite and all of the Munster folk who came to congratulate me.

Also thanks to Heather and Colin for the calming support and photos. Long term friends who came to Crufts to watch us and who are now permanent lucky mascots.

I would also like to congratulate Erin and her Albahu kennel for winning puppy bitch and dog, they just happened to be Lionel’s babies. What a result. 

Slowly it dawned on me that I would be on the tele appearing on Channel 4 in the gundog group .OMG!

I love breeding my dogs and try to do the best I can, showing is subjective but the breed standard, I believe, is something that should be aimed for when mating 2 dogs. Munsterlanders have to be “fit for purpose” (the Kennel Clubs catch phrase) and the role of any gundog is to be able to do the job they have been bred for. Confirmation is fundamental for them to remain sound. I am really objective when looking at my girls and have tried to improve year on year. 

To do this whilst maintaining standards  for health and a wonderful personality is addictive for me anyway! This is what I strive for.

Kite’s temperament enabled her to chill for the rest of the day ,she slept on her bench, whilst I calmed my nerves with a swig or two of whiskey ! 

Relaxing in the Green Room

Chris bought Molly home and then returned to the NEC to hold my hand, it was an amazing day for both of us.

Being part of the festival that is Crufts is amazing, most of the other competitors were professional kennels. Crumpsbrook is 13 years old, a baby in comparison. Kite and I enjoyed every second, she made me so proud and hopefully we did the Large Munsterlander breed proud too.  

Photo Time
Clare Balding coming around chatting
Last few minutes before going into the Arena
The big moment, entering the arena and showing
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