What a 24 Hours

I really wasn’t confident in getting to Crufts this year, Molly’s babies were due and none of my other bitches had gone to their due date in the past. Thursday evening she was fine, temperature normal and she ate her supper, copybook signs that no babies were arriving that evening. Friday morning dawned and the signs were consistent with no arrivals so Chris gave me his blessing and off Kite and I went to Birmingham.

Chris and I remained in constant communication, Molly was relaxed and lying in the sunshine.

The day started well with Crumpsbrook Woodrush ” Otto”, who belongs to Jan and Tony, won his Post Graduate class. I was so thrilled for them, Otto is their first show dog and there is nothing so special as that first Red card from Crufts.

To top that Katie then went in with Lionel, Crumpsbrook Bayleaf von Rulander and won their class. So I had 2 dogs in the dog lineup. Lionel who is the consummate professional in the ring was awarded the dog CC. Katie happens to be heavily pregnant and somehow strode out with Lionel to win.

Lionel appears at 24 mins

I am so proud of my boys and their owners, it gives me huge pleasure watching my babies excel.

Kite strutted her stuff brilliantly in her Limit class to gain a reserve or 4th. This was the largest class of the day of real quality bitches so I was delighted with her.

I left Crufts after judging to return home to my Molly Moo who looked absolutely fine. Chris collected fish and chips and we all settled in front of the television to watch Katie and Lionel in the big ring. It matters not to me what my babies go and do with their lives so long as they are loved and happy, Matt and Katie share Lionel, Matt working him so successfully and Katie handles in the ring . The most special thing for me is seeing the relationship that my owners develop with their dogs and that shone through on the t.v.  Lionel looked up at his mum with so much affection, it was a joy to see. 

Thank you all, Jan, Tony, Katie and Matt for showcasing my dogs so well.

Molly lay on the settee between Chris and I while watching Crufts and she started to pant and look unsettled. I took her temperature and it had dropped, you couldn’t make it up, bless her. 

Chris slept, or not, with her and at 7.00am Saturday morning her first contractions started.

The first little one arrived at 9.00am. Molly was a little taken aback, not sure what had happened. Within 5 minutes the second whelp arrived and that was all she needed, straight away she got on with the task of licking the pup. To my amazement by 10.00 we had 4 puppies. The whole delivery of 9 was complete by 11.30. I have never had such a quick whelping. 

I am pleased to report mother and babies are doing well, all feeding happily and Molly is such a good mum.

I will post regularly as time permits .

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Chris is on duty as it is my pilgrimage to the Cheltenham Festival, I hope I don’t get too wet and a winner or two comes my way.

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