Trying Times

Life at Catherton is going on pretty much as usual, with the addition of 9 gorgeous bundles. We are thankful everyday that we live with so much outdoor space and have our various 4 legged animals to focus on, sorry, I forgot the hens, they only have 2 legs! They are doing their bit by supplying Chris and I and Molly with fresh free range eggs. It is relatively easy to self isolate here but I do miss social interaction. We have a wonderful network of friends and neighbours. It is fine at the moment because it is new to all of us but I hope families can cope long term.

 We love receiving puppy visitors normally, for us it is a fundamental part of having a litter and we are missing that almost as much as the families who are waiting for their new family member.

Our days are filled with dog walking, horse riding and of course gardening. Luckily the weather has been on-side, spring sunshine really helps and the mud is finally drying up though both horses have managed to find some to roll in. It must be an amazing feeling being out in the sunshine naked! I will not be participating you will be relieved to know, mind you no one would know!

There will be a plethora of tidy gardens, no excuse for weeds! My vegetable seeds have all arrived and we fetched several bags of compost before the shutdown so the greenhouse will soon be full.

Puppies have had their first worming and nail trim, teeth will soon be through and Molly will get all the support she needs, we are going to start feeding them at the weekend. She looks amazingly well and is enjoying some time outdoors with her mum and grand mum.

I will try to keep updates coming but in the interim our plan is to post more photos and video clips on puppy diaries in an attempt to keep the new owners involved. Sorry about the quality of the video, we are trying to work out how to use the technology.

 I sincerely hope everyone stays safe,  healthy and sane ! 


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