Crumpsbrook Ebony (Ebby) was mated to a super stud dog Videx Cargo and pups arrived 2nd January 2011, 5 girls and one boy. My aim is to breed a quality German Shepherd which is capable of being a wonderful member of a family. I will never compromise on health or temperament (see About the German Shepherd). David and Rhoda Payne (Videx Kennels) have been incredibly supportive and I am lucky to have access to such top quality dogs so locally.

Thanks to their new owners for keeping us informed.

Ebby’s pups wk 6

Puppies are now completely weaned. We have taken them outside several times which they love.  All the pups are now reserved.

Video Clips (Puppies playing in field)

Puppies playing in field Puppies playing in field

Ebby’s pups wk 5

Puppies are becoming much more fun. They are all confident, affectionate and play much more. They have had their 2nd worming course. Ebby has more or less stopped feeding them now, she likes to go and count them and give them a quick clean and then love and leave them! They are all eating incredibly well and are having 4 meals a day. See Puppies 2011

German Shepherd Puppy 5 wksGerman Shepherd Puppy 5 wks

Above is the absolutely adorable male puppy. Girls seem to be in demand, which is fine considering we have 5.

German Shepherd Puppies 5 wks

As you can see all the pups are even in size and colouring proving difficult to tell them apart.

Ebby’s pups wk 4

Pups eating well and becoming much more mobile and interacting with their human parents.

Ebby’s pups 3wks

Pups have had their first solid food. Most of it over us, them and the floor ! They have had 1 course of wormer hence the coloured wool to help identify them. We have found lovely family homes for 2 girls and the boy and have 3 girls remaining.

Ebby’s pups wk2

Pups eyes now open and beginning to find their feet and voices!

Ebby Pups Wk1

First weigh in. All now well over 1kg. getting more mobile all of the time and eyes due to open end of the week. Ebby is happy to have her afternoon walk. It is good to see her having some time to herself. She continues to be a fastidious mum.

Ebby’s pups day 3

Ebby and her puppies all doing very well.

Ebby’s pups arrive safely

Ebby successfully gave birth to 6 huge, healthy pups on Sunday. First one landed at 2:30pm with the last popping out at 8:00pm (very civilized). The first 5 were all girls and the last a boy. All are very strong and weighed over 600gm (amazing) and are feeding well. Ebby is proving to be a wonderful, caring mother and very proud of her pups.

Crumpsbrook Azalea (Charlie)

Crumpsbrook Tilia (Tilly)

Crumpsbrook Tamarisk (Maya)

Videx Cargo (proud father)

Born 20/09/2008


BVA/KC Hips: 4:5=9 Elbows: 0:0 – Haemophilia clear – JRD DNA Tested CLEAR

Cargo’s grandfather is the legendary Zamp vom Thermodos.


Pedigree for Cargo

The Kennel club introduced a Breeder Accreditation Scheme to ensure good breeding practices, giving prospective owners the best opportunity to bring home a healthy well adjusted puppy. This sets a standard which I am delighted to be a part of.

Please refer to the news on KC Accredited Breeder Scheme for more info.

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