We retained a bitch puppy from Ash’s first litter, Crumpsbrook Ebony. She has proved to be everything we had hoped. Super affectionate nature, excellent B.V.A hip and elbow scores (Hip score 3, 4 Elbows 0, 0) and very bidable achieving her gold Good Citizens award at only 18 months old.

Ebby has such a calm balanced temperament. I use her regularly for my behavioural  work . A common issue which I deal with is dog aggression on lead, frequently dogs are over protective of their handlers while on the lead, this shows in the form of barking and pulling /rearing on the lead. Ebby has never retaliated and calmly continues to work with my husband Chris,while I work with the client. She is such a star .

Whenever I mate one of my girls the following aspects are very important to me: Conformation, Temperament, Soundness in Mind, Body, Health, Substance, Movement, Strength, Colour.

My dogs are not exaggerated with overly slopping backs and wobbly hocks. I try to breed close to the breed standard but will not compromise on temperament.

Crumpsbrook Ebony (Hips 3,4  Elbows 0)

Videx Torro  – Ebby’s Dad                                                             Rhemacourts Berlinda (Ash) – Ebbys Mum

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