2017 Puppy Plans

Puppies arrived July 16th. Mother and puppies all doing very well. Lovely homes found for all. 

See Jo’s Blog for pictures and updates.

Please look at stud dog Dougie’s  website  www.paddockridgemunsterlander.com/ for more info.

Kite has her own page with health test results and pedigree for you to peruse.

All of my bitches have a full suite of health tests .We have 3 generations at home for you to meet, Kites granny Willow and  her mum Cassie. They would be delighted to meet you ,something I do actually insist upon, enabling you to experience what living with a Munster is all about . 

If you are interested do get in touch and arrange a visit to come and meet us all here at Catherton.


kite-apr-17 dougie-with-dummy

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Crumpsbrook Babies Day 1

20150328_01Wednesday morning I took Cassie’s temperature and it had dropped, this has been a good signal for me over the years, but this was a few days early. By lunchtime she was panting and pacing up and down. I knew things were immanent. The first puppy, a girl, arrived just after 3.00pm ,very civilised. All our puppies have names given to them in theory to ease identification, but some are quite convoluted but its fun. So the first girl we called Penni, she has a peninsula shaped mark on her left side! Cassie then kept us waiting over 3 hours for the next, she was very relaxed and happy with no contractions but I had to keep telling myself she was fine. Just as I had asked Chris to sort things for carrying puppies and keeping them warm  in the car for a journey to the vets, the next lot of contractions started. This puppy was a boy and huge and needed a big effort from Cassie and a little help from me, guess what he is now called Hugo. Ten minutes later number 3 arrived, probably all the heaving for Hugo had pushed this one into position. This was a girl, she has a grey nose so we called her Shadow. Another 3 hour wait (this is so stressful!) before number 4 arrived. It was just after 10.00 pm by now, a boy so like his Dad his name is Dexter. Badger was number 5 one hour later, not rocket science to guess why he has his name. Girl number 3 then. She is called Kite, again self explanatory, she has a small kite mark (so she definitely meets the required standard!) on her side. We are now well into the middle of the night, 2.00am. Ace was born,she has a mark like the Ace of Spades on the top of her tail, Marce our friend that some of you met at Crufts named her. Then finally girl number 5 and puppy number 8 arrived at 4.00 am. She was also named by Marce, she has a shape like an elephants ears with the trunk running down her tail, so Nel, after Nellie the Elephant was born. 

20150328_06I had thought that Cassie was having a numerically large litter due to her size, it is a large litter but not in numbers of pups,, they are consistently across the board, the strongest, chunkiest litter we have had. The smallest being 448 gm ,almost 1lb with the largest, the second boy being 524gm. I am so delighted, a perfect number which Cassie should cope with easily. 

Enjoy the photos and video footage of Day 1 hope they make you smile 🙂 

The 5 girls, below 


20150328_07   20150328_03


3 Boys 

20150328_04   20150328_05

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Litter Plans 2015

cassie2We are delighted to say Crumpsbrook Acacia or Cassie as she is known at home has been confirmed in pup to Ellscott Glen Finnan Illa Ghyllbeck , Dexter. Puppies are due last weekend in March all being well ready to go their new families at the end of May. Such a good time to have a new family member, weather should be better and we have more day light. We have already met some lovely people keen to home a Crumpsbrook baby if you are interested do get in touch and arrange a visit to come and meet us all here at Catherton.

I am very happy in my choice of dog for Cassie (you can read my deliberations in my blog) Dexter has a personality which I value highly biddable, affectionate and confident. The working side is to the forefront of his life. Dexter’s conformation is correct and though he is a tall dog he has enough substance, amazing strength of bone and looks totally in proportion. He is 8 years of age and sound which bodes well for the puppies.

This mating will open up my pedigree, giving me greater opportunities in the future as I intend to keep a bitch puppy.

Do please look at Cassies (Crumpsbrook Acacia) own page, for more details and photographs.

If you are interested in going on a waiting list for Cassie’s and Dexter’s puppies please contact us and arrange a visit to come and experience what living with Munsters is all about..

For more information on Ghyllbeck go to their website www.ghyllbeckhprs.co.uk


Ellscott Glen Finnan Illa Ghyllbeck

  • dexter1Eye Examination : Unaffected
  • HUU : Clear
  • Elbow Score : 0 
  • Hip Score : 7/2 = 9 

A bold masculine dog with an excellent temperament, confident but biddable. He is a stalwart working dog earning his keep during the shooting season.
He has sired 3 litters to date, two in the UK containing the breeds first ever General Championship Show GROUP WINNER,Ghyllbeck Rapax, Group 1, 2 & 3 on the Continent, Dog World Top Dog 2012 & 2013, BEST IN SHOW LMC CH SH 2013 plus numerous other awards.
The second litter in Holland produced a Dutch/Croatian/International Champion.
JTG hunting qualification for young dogs, 1st place with 65 points.
Winner of Crufts 2013 1st place in the working class.
VDH Europasieger Dortmund 1st place VDH, CAC , CACIB, BOB and the title
VDH Europasieger 2013 Title International Champion. dexterpedigree



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7 1/2 Weeks


Its a sad time here at Catherton for the Bargmans ,but a very happy time for all the new families. Everyone has been waiting so patiently for this week to arrive.

All the pups went to the vets on Tuesday for their microchips, there is a photo of them in the back of “Betty” my car, it went without a hitch. They are in so much need of individual care now, they have become so inquisitive and Chris and I are exhausted trying to occupy their active minds. Keeping watch on 11 of them around the place is a nightmare.

Last weekend was so wonderful ,the pups had lots of human and canine visitors and the weather was glorious, so we had everyone in the garden.Quill ,Cassies puppy from the last litter came back for the first time since she left here at 8 weeks .She is so pretty and sounds like her agility is going really well ,can’t wait to see her competing .Our friends Kate and Matt bought Dougie over too ,he was so gentle with the pups. We all sat in the garden drinking wine watching all the fun, it was fantastic. The pups loved it as did Chris and I .

This will be my last puppy blog, I am hoping that new owners will keep us up to date with news and pictures . Thank you all for your kind messages ,so glad you have enjoyed the updates.



puppies2013-23puppies2013-24 puppies2013-25 puppies2013-26 puppies2013-27 puppies2013-28 puppies2013-29 puppies2013-30 puppies2013-31 puppies2013-32puppies2013-34puppies2013-33  puppies2013-35 puppies2013-36 puppies2013-37 puppies2013-38

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6 1/2 weeks

The puppies are growing up into inquisitive, adventurous little monkeys. They go out twice a day and there is no stone left unturned in their adventure playground commonly known as our garden!  They have been for walks down the field with Cassie. She loves playing with them, but has decided enough is enough as far as feeding them is concerned.

The last few days it has been so cold and windy here, but they are really robust and still seem happy to go out to play. We monitor them closely and as soon as they go sleepy we bring them in.

I have yet to find anything they will not eat, chicken poo is a favourite along with my new clematis! Seriously though they have wonderful appetites and seem to have strong constitutions.

My other girls are teaching them social etiquette .Granny Willow is quite tolerant, Jas their sister really has no idea what to make of them all and runs off. Ebby puts up with so much, then snarls at them especially if they try to suckle .All good experience for them.

Its a big week for them next week ,off to the vet Tuesday for their microchips .Then off to their new homes. I am confident they are ready and will prove to be life changing and enhancing additions to their new families. Chris and I have loved having them around,even though it is for a relatively short time they have weedled their way into our affections and we will miss them all.  At least our horses can have some much needed TLC.

puppies2013-11 puppies2013-12 puppies2013-13 puppies2013-14 puppies2013-1516 puppies2013-17 puppies2013-18 puppies2013-19 puppies2013-20 puppies2013-21

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5 1/2 weeks

The weather has been dire, so cold and windy but thankfully we didn’t get any snow unlike some parts of Shropshire. The puppies had their first adventure into the garden today, they scampered about, chewed a few Rhododendron flowers, chased the ducks and chucks until they stood their ground, then the pups were not so sure of themselves.

They are coming into the lounge for evening playtime two at a time. This enables Chris and I to keep an eye out for wee’s. As you can imagine this takes up a fair chunk of time but so good for them to be little individuals. Wednesdays and Thursdays I don’t finish teaching until 8.30 so I am glad we managed to get them out into the garden.

All of their papers have come from the Kennel Club now. As you may be aware all my pups are named after tree’s so this litter have German tree names, for example Crumpsbrook Apfel.

They are also booked in for their vet checks and micro chips. They all look so well, such an even litter and so confident, we are so proud of them all.

puppies2013-3 puppies2013-2 puppies2013-1 puppies2013-4 puppies2013-5 puppies2013-6








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4 Weeks Old

The pups are doing really well, they are now eating 4 meals a day with incredible enthusiasm. They have taken to their Burns mini bites which is mixed with either chicken lamb or beef mince. They are still enjoying their evaporated milk which is acting as a replacement for mums milk as Cassie has handed over the monumental task of feeding to Chris and I. She also made the decision to sleep with her adult chums last night for the first time. Then after eating her breakfast she went to do a quick count of her babies. Bless her, she coped with those sharp teeth feeding for a few minutes then jumped out. Her coat has continued to drop out but you can now see the new hair growing back. I really don’t like this time when I look at my girls, I feel so proud of what they do but they do look so bedraggled. She is enjoying her walks on the common now, the last few days have been beautiful, it really makes me smile to see her bounding across the heather and bracken. Her efforts are truly appreciated.

The pups are in the conservatory during the daytime now and they have their own private patio no less, which they love. Some of them are even pooing and weeing on the grass. They are getting used to various noses saying hello through the bars, poor Pebbles was pecked on the nose by Max our cockerel, but it did not seem to phase him too much. We try to give them as many different life experiences as we can so next week they will go on the lawn in the garden in their playpen, weather permitting.

Enjoy the videos.


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First Breakfast

I have spent the last couple of days introducing the puppies individually to evaporated milk mixed with a little warm water. They absolutely love it !

This morning was their first group breakfast, to say it was messy is an understatement but I think they drank most of it. They all then had to have a wipe down to remove the worst of the milk . Next week they will start on Burns mini bites which are soaked to make a soft  porridge consistency.

Cassie had her first walk out on the common this morning too, it took her 2 minutes to flush her first pheasants. She looked so happy to be enjoying doing what Munsters do best.

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DAY 18

Cassie and her pups have received lots of visitors over the past few days. It is so rewarding for Chris and I to see how excited everyone is.

Cassie, bless her, is doing a sterling job of feeding her babies, they are such chubby little things. She on the other hand is beginning to look tatty, her coat is falling out, a normal response caused by the change in her hormone levels. She is eating really well, is fed every 4 hours right through the night. Chris and I take it in turns to do the night shift. She loves going out with the rest of our family, woofing at people and horses using the footpath and the weather has been kind so everything is drying up.

The puppies have been wormed for the first time. They were really good but the first time is always the easiest as they have no idea what is about to happen. All of them are gaining weight ,I am so chuft with the litter, so even and strong. They have also had the nails clipped again. Cassie will soon have to contend with teeth as well as nails, poor poppit. At the weekend I hope to start them lapping simply to ease Cassie’s workload so I will keep you posted. Enjoy the video footage and photos.

DSC04222 DSC04209

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Day 11

The pups are getting so much stronger, they are actually mobile, very wobbly, but mobile non the less . They are also becoming quite vocal ,lovely little yips. They will soon be exploring their new world so some plastic has gone down today over our carpet in preparation for their adventures.They are now beginning to open their eyes ,their vision will be very poor for a few days but progress happens so quickly .It is truly wonderful watching them develop. Chris and I clipped their toe nails today,they get very sharp and poor Cassie gets terribly scratched when they kneed her tummy to encourage milk flow. This handling is an important part of growing up for a Crumpsbrook pup, vital for a biddable adult that accepts human control.My adults think nothing of having their nails cut because it is done regularly.

Do enjoy the video footage.

The family are now accepting visitors they have a full social calendar this weekend ,but if you have a puppy booked do ring me to arrange a visit.

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One week old today

What a difference a week makes. This time last week Cassie was exhausted having given birth to her 11 puppies. They have had their weigh-in today and are all growing so well. Cassie is a devoted mother keeping them spotlessly clean and well fed, bless her. She feels happy enough to leave her babies for short periods of time to have a wonder around the field with Ebby, Willow and Jas. We managed to take a photo of every puppy individually. The girls first, then the boys. Enjoy.


pebbles1 mike1 peter1 flash1


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Day 2


Cassie is recovering well from her exertions,she is a fantastic mother and is so proud of her babies.

They are all feeding well and have had a weigh in today. Every one has gained weight and all is going to plan so far. Chris and I take it in turns to get up in the night to feed Cassie, I like to feed her regular small meals of her special whelping bitch Burns, mixed with fresh minced chicken lamb or beef to keep her energy levels up so she continues to feed all the pups herself. She has an evaporated milk and water mix which she loves ,this is a really good high calorie drink. Its so important she drinks plenty of fluids to enable her to keep producing milk. Our hens are producing plenty of eggs so Cassie is also enjoying free range scrambled egg.

The photo on the right is the whole litter all 11 munchkins  keeping warm on their heated pad during bedding change over



Then we have the boys











Finally the girls





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