Crumpsbrook Acacia

Cassie – Hips 00, Elbows 0, DNA BB (colour)

Our aim in breeding from Willow was to keep a bitch puppy, Cassie had no intention of leaving us and soon became a member of the Bargman family .

She is everything we could have hoped for and more, such a bright person, and has fitted in with our family really well.

Like all Munsters she is full of energy and loves her cuddles of an evening and has inherited her mums intelligence, willingness to learn and laid back character.

We were delighted with her BVA x-ray results. She is one of a very few Munsters with such exceptional results.

In June 2011 Cassie gained her Natural Aptitude Certificate demonstrating her working gundog abilities (see below).

She is the consummate show-girl, a real pro in the ring, just like her dad Jasper. She has an incredible ability to relax by the side of the show ring or in company with other dogs/people but then turn on the ring presence when needed and seems to love everything about showing (including raiding peoples rucksacks for the odd snack!).

In March 2014 Cassie won her Limit bitch class at Crufts and went on to be awarded the Best Bitch in Breed Challenge Certificate. She has now received 2 CC’s and hopefully after her 2015 litter we will endeavour to get the third making her into a Show Champion.


Both her and her mum are adored by everyone who comes into contact with them. She is incredibly bright and has a very affectionate nature. Munsters love the outdoor life, long walks,swimming and then coming home for a cuddle of an evening and Cassie is no exception.  I do feel it is important that Munsterlanders do not lose the ability to able to perform as hunt point and retreive dogs. With this in mind, before Cassie was mated she obtained her Certificate Of Natural Aptitude. Cassie has the best hip and elbow scores possible, 0 0 hips, 0 0 elbows and full-fills all the demanding Large Munsterlander Club health check requirements.

cassie5 cassie4


Certificate Of Natural Aptitude. The object of the Natural Aptitude Test (NAT) is to look for the natural working ability in the hunt, point and retrieve gun-dog. The NAT is divided into 7 parts; hunting, pointing, gun-shyness, swimming, retrieving, tracking and biddability. each part is judged and marked separately. We do not work Cassie but she has always shown the ability to be a good working dog so decided to brush up on her gun-dog skills and enter the NAT.

The test was arranged by the Large Munsterlander Club and held at Cowbog Farm, Kelso, Scotland.

I am very pleased to say Cassie passed all parts and gained her certificate of Natural Aptitude In The Field.




Crumpsbrook Acacia Pedigree

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