All puppies are off to their new homes this week. 

(latest Pictures at bottom of page)


Conquell Troya at Crumpsbrook (Ruby) was mated to Lararth Ramirez at Conquell and pups arrived Friday 27th May 2016, two girls and one boy. Both parents are health tested. 

My aim is to breed a quality German Shepherd which is capable of being a wonderful balanced ,calm, member of a family. I will never compromise on temperament (see About the German Shepherd).

The puppies are all long coat , I have always loved long coats and both parents are gorgeous examples with rich red colouring.

Because I do not breed many litters it enables me to have the mum and babies in the house. Our lounge has a split level, the bottom 1/2 becomes the maternity wing for the duration. When the pups are old enough they meet the rest of the family, our other dogs, chickens, ducks, cats etc. This means the pups leave here totally used to a home environment and all the associated noises (vacuum, T.V, visitors etc.). They are also well on their way to being house trained. All the babies are microchipped, have food parcel to start them off, insurance and a contract of sale plus written advice on vaccination, worming, feeding and socialising. I breed my puppies because I am proud of the job I do and confident they leave me happy, confident and capable of becoming happy, balanced family members.

All homes will be vetted .

Edmund (the dad)


Hip score 4:3

Ruby (mum)





Puppy Pictures (just over 5 weeks old). First big adventure into the field with the girls

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