I went to Hilary Linnet in Carmarthen for Ruby, she has bred GSD ‘s for many years under the  Conquell kennel affix specialising in long coat GSD. She has similar values to myself breeding exceptional temperaments and unexaggerated conformation.

Ruby has fulfilled my long term fascination with long coat GSD. She has a temperament to die for, being calm and biddable but so full of fun .

She loves her agility, is very sociable with all other dogs and is adored by everyone who meets her including people who have been wary of GSD’s in the past. She is a special girl .


rubysitting1 rubyhead1 20150710_136 20150710_134 Octcomp15rubystanding1RUBY-4MONTHS-STACKEDRuby-4-monthsruby3


Hip score 7, 7   



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