Gundog Soc of Wales

3rd Post Grad (Dog/Bitch). 

Driffield Agric. Soc.

1st Yearling. Judge Robert Hargreaves

Judges Critique – YB (3,1) 1 Bargman’s Crumpsbrook Jasmine, nice young lady just lacking in coat to finish the picture. Pretty head & expression, well bodied with good angulation fore & aft, ample depth of chest, well muscled, moved with purpose;

City Of Birmingham

3rd post Grad. Judge Mr M Howes

National Gundog Assoc.

jas394th Post Grad. Judge Mr G Haran

Leeds City & District Canine Assoc.

4th Post Grad. Judge Lynn O’Connell

Windsor Dog Show Society

1st Junior. Judge Mrs C McDonald

Blackpool & District Canine Society

2nd Junior. Judge Mr Frank Kane

Large Munsterlander Club Champ. Show

jas384th Junior. Judge Val Foss

Birmingham Dog Show Society

2nd Junior Bitch. Judge Dr Ronald James



1st Junior Bitch.

Jas’s first outing as a Junior.

Judge Mr J W Hartley

Crufts Success

Crufts 2013 will go down as one of the best days of my life. Jas or Crumpsbrook Jasmine to give her her proper name was amazing. Her first time at Crufts and she behaved impeccably. It is a long and exhausting day by the end of which she was shattered, bless her, but she shone in the ring when it mattered. As regular readers of my blog will know she has grown rather erratically which meant her show results have been mixed, but what a time to get it right.

I really did not expect anything from the day apart from the usual fun of going to Crufts, how wrong was I ! Jas was awarded first in her puppy bitch class. I have never been as nervous as I was this day. Perhaps it was because so many existing  and future Crumpsbrook Munster owners were there routing for us. This made the occasion unbelievably special, to be able to share it with you all was such a highlight.

After winning her bitch puppy class she then had to pull out the stops again to compete against the winner of the male puppy class. This class was right at the end of the day. She was able to relax and sleep, which is unbelievable in that atmosphere, and my friend Marcelle had brushed her to go in her first class so we kept the winning formula. Pete, pictured having a Munster hug off Jas woke her up then Marce titivated her coat and in we went.

She loved the moment and showed her socks off , what a star. Mrs Sommerfield, the judge, decided Jas was the Best Puppy in Breed. WOW.

A special thank-you must go to Carol Saunders without whose Tanzenbach blood lines Jas would not be so special.




Oscar, Crumpsbrook Robinia (pictured), Jas’s uncle, had a very pleasing second place in a very competitive Limit class. Mandy my partner in Crumpsbrook showed him for the first time at Crufts while Holly his usual handler took charge of photography. Mandy’s other Munster Esther, Raycris Quite Unique at Crumpsbrook, also did well for such a young lady gaining second place in her huge Limit  class.
What a day, for Crumpsbrook Munsterlanders, unbelievable .
Thank you to all for your kind words of congratulations they really are appreciated.


Manchester Dog Show

1st Junior Bitch. Judge Cas Trowsdale.

Gundog society of Wales

1st puppy , best puppy in breed .

Judge Mrs Butler Holly

Lg. Munsterlander Club Show

1st minor puppy

2nd puppy bitch

Judge Andy Robbins


2nd minor puppy

3rd puppy

Judge Becky A. Johnson