I really did not think I would be writing these words so early in Ash’s life but sadly she passed away after a very short illness, 2 days. I noticed she wasn’t eating her meal with her usual relish but was not unduly worried. The following morning she refused her breakfast all together. I looked at her and knew something was not right. Our vet felt a lump in her tummy and on further investigation discovered one significant tumour and several smaller ones. This came as a huge shock to Chris and I but I made the decision to let her go while under the anaesthetic. She came home to be buried with our other dogs and cats.

Ash will always be special to me, she single-handedly changed my life. We went to training together and our first dog show. She always gave of her best what ever was asked of her. Because of these attributes and her excellent health checks I decided to breed my first litter of puppies, really wanting to keep a daughter of hers. Ash duly obliged and proved to be a loving caring mum. In all she had 2 litters, 12 pups, so her legacy lives on especially in Ebby the little girl I kept.

It would have been better to have had Ash for more years but one thing I can take solace in is that she had 5 short but wonderful years, enjoying everything to the full. I owe her so much and will be forever grateful to her.

Thank you Ash, my “Smiler” R.I.P.

Click for pedigree – Rhemacourt Belinda (Hip Score 3 , 6 )

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