Last Weekend Together

Today ,Sunday, we are “at home alone” with our extended family.Pony has completely dried up now and is looking and feeling so much better. Great Granny Kite just wants to play, she is the granny they all treat as a play mate .Molly, grandmother, is a little stricter she tells them off, so they have learnt to treat her with respect, such good grounding for them all. They have turned into proper Munsters, bog snorkelling in the ditch .Tennis balls are a great hit as are cardboard boxes . They haven’t been swimming yet ,I’m glad about that its turned so cold.

They are all off on their adventures new next week and blimy they need to ,keeping tabs on 12 is horrendous. Its time for individual attention .Chris and I are so proud of them all .I always think of myself as the architect and the new owners as builders . The11 excited families are counting their sleeps until they receive their new family member. Such fun filled and exasperating times ahead for you all .


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