Daddies Visit

Chris and I were thrilled to welcome Ed with his owners Ron and Margo. They drove from Holland to come and see Pony and Eds’ litter.

This boy totally stole my heart when I went looking for stud dogs in Holland, he did not disappoint.

It was like Ed had been here so many times, such a laid back person who loved his puppies and was incredibly gentle with them. He settled with my girls, Pony looked a bit concerned to see him, after all look what happened last time they met! Kite flirted without shame and Molly told him off when he tried to be too familiar which he duly took note of and gave her space. They soon settled together and Ed quickly slotted into life at Catherton.

I would have happily stolen him but Ron and Margo sadly took him home. He genuinely is a star.

Thank you Ron and Margo for making the effort to allow us to make such amazing memories.

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