Day 6 – Boys and Girls

From left to right meet the boys. Raisin, Raj, Badger & Walnut.

And now the Girls, from top to bottom, Stevie, Bubbles, Meg, Clover, Wren, Scallop, Hazel & Gee-Gee.

Quick resume of why their names came about –


Raisin – Black raisin sized spot

Raj – Elephant ears and trunk

Badger – White stripe on face

Walnut – Black walnut sized spot


Stevie – One side white, one side black (Ebony & Ivory, Stevie Wonder)

Bubbles – Black Champaign bubbles

Meg – White stripe (Rock duo, Meg White)

Clover – Guess!

Wren – Smallest born

Scallop – Wavy black edge

Hazel – Hazel nut size spot (notice a theme here)

Gee-Gee – A small white kite, similar to her Great-Grandmother

Warned you it was tenuous.

Happy searching!

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