Molly in a hurry!

Gosh this litter has been long awaited by me and the pups new families.

Covid got in the way big time, a Molly season came and went. With a new stud dog, Otto, chosen it was full steam ahead. 

Molly popped out the 3 girls 4 boys in 3 hours, on Saturday 28th August. The first arrived soon after 7.00pm and she was all finished by 10.00pm. She is the fastest whelper we have experienced, so easy for her. 

They are a bonny bunch, very even in weight, and a mix of markings.

 We like to give our litter nick names while they are with us which usually have a tenuous link to their markings.

 So here goes, I’ll let you try to figure out who’s who.

The white male pup is called Barnaby, nothing to do with his markings but named after our friends who both have birthdays close to the due date. The other names are …

The Girls – Wilma, Saga, and Pony

The Boys – Barnaby, Dicken, Flight and Woodstock

 All will be revealed soon. Good Luck !!! 

Molly is a brilliant mum, she loves her babies and currently Chris and I are at her beck and call. After all I have never had babies and I arranged for her to be in this situation so its the least we can do. 

She is eating brilliantly, bless her, and has started to wonder outside with her mum and granny for a few minutes. 7 munchkins is a perfect number, not so draining on Molly feeding and cleaning wise, or on Chris and I when she hands over responsibility in a few weeks time.

Enjoy the photos, we will post them on here at regular intervals.

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