4 Weeks

Molly and Rosko’s puppies are blooming. They are currently having their second worming which necessitated a weigh in. Their weights are within a few grams of one another, around the 2 1/2 -3.0 Kilo. They are real chunky monkeys, relishing their food and are now receiving 4 meals a day.

The weather this weekend has been a lot warmer, though still windy, so we opened up the patio. They were out there in seconds, so confident and have already begun to poo and wee out of doors. Another few days and we will let them out into the big expanse of our garden/drive.

I have received the registration documents from the Kennel Club, the theme for this litter is wild birds local to us here at Catherton. My little girl, whom ever she may be, will be Crumpsbrook Swift. There are a few locations locally where the swifts nest every Summer. Cleobury High Street, hopefully will have the usual colony around the church. We do have swallows nesting in our stables but the name didn’t appeal.

Our days in this lockdown situation are spent split between riding horses, gardening and of course the puppies. As they get older they will take up more of our day, but what a joy that is, they are so gorgeous. Mind you they are beginning to explore with their newly through needle teeth which are already sharp. They are a welcome distraction.

My thoughts go out to all our care workers, NHS staff, retail workers, and all the army of delivery folk and service industries, which keep us going. I have no idea how families cope without outdoor space, I am thankful everyday for where I live. Keep strong everyone especially with Easter around the corner and if we stick together we will beat this virus.

We are posting regular video footage and photographs on my website under puppy diaries and I know the families who cannot come and see their munchkins are loving seeing them develop. It really is second best but hey ho needs must.

Kite helping entertain the grand pups

Stay safe everyone.

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