7 Days Old

Molly and her family are thriving. They had their first weigh in today and all have gained significant weight. To be honest I didn’t need the scales to tell me that, I swear they grow while you watch them. 

Chris and I have an easy job at the moment, Molly does all the hard work, toileting, cleaning, feeding. Our duties revolve around Molly’s needs. She eats as much as she wants, when she wants, and has started to feel comfortable leaving her babies for a few minutes to stretch her legs. This morning she left the whelping box to come for her toast with Kite and Cassie.

Hope you enjoy the photos, we separated the girls from the boys.

We have given them their nicknames. Some very tenuous links with thier markings. We have Puff, Ziggy, Quill and Puzzle for the girls and Bob, Tom, Chess, Asterix and Romeo for the boys.

Bob was named because he has a black band around his tail which led to Band Aid then Bob Geldoff. Asterix because he has an exclamation mark. Puff, for those of you who are old enough to remember was a magic dragon that lived by the sea.

We will leave you to match the name to the pup! Good Luck.

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