Big Sky

I am thrilled to report Kite is back to her gorgeous self. Patrick also is fully recovered plus he is very happy to have his horsey friends back from their winter holidays. I can safely say this last week has been much less stressful. Thank goodness .

The babies are 5 weeks old now and have had their first foray out into the great outdoors. It was cold but dry first time and my did they love it. Katie was here to witness how bold and inquisitive they were, no shrinking violets here !  

Granny Cassie, sister Molly and mum all came over to play. Molly especially loves them, Cassie less so, after all she has seen a few Crumpsbrook babies grow up now.

The pups explored everything within their range, chewed a few things, trod on their first nettle, poor babies. Did it put them off “not a bit of it “. 

They are being taken out after every meal and are already learning this is a good time to poo so we are getting fewer poos indoors.

Keeping track of 9 confident explorers keeps Chris and I busy , but its so much fun watching them experience new adventures.

It actually rained on them yesterday but again no impression, they are true Munsters and love the outdoors.

Kite is keen to feed them first thing in the morning but after that she just likes to check they are ok, then is off. I can’t blame her, those needle teeth are so sharp .

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