Day 4

Kites puppies are thriving, they are growing terrifically. There isn’t too much for Chris and I to do at the moment other than feed Kite, her appetite is huge, and keep everything clean. She looks so well but clumps of hair are beginning to fall out. Most of this is caused by the puppies tirelessly kneading her tummy, they seem to have insatiable appetites.

Sunday Chris took the puppies Granny, Cassie, and sister, Molly, to Wyre Forest. When they realised they were going they barked and poor Kite heard. She really wanted to go. I  decided to take her out on a long line on to the common to compensate, just for 10 minutes. She loved it. I washed her tummy and paws with Hibiscrub on our return and she went straight back to her babies to feed them, content to do so. 

A few more photos for everyone to enjoy .

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