Last Puppy Blog

I would like to introduce Molly, Crumpsbrook Molinia .

The litter theme is grasses. I am excited to be keeping a pup, not what I planned, but circumstances or fate, call it what you will, have allowed me to. Hurrah.

One other bitch will hopefully make an appearance in the show ring and one of the boy pups too. I love encouraging new people to show and I will be only too happy to support them.

Vet checks and microchips done today. Every pup had a clean bill of health, all anatomy (boys!) where it should be and hearts functioning well. Eyes and teeth good .They start to go Friday so by Sunday evening Chris and I will crack a bottle !

I must admit being GSD free ,the first time for 30 years is strange , walking is quieter, Ruby would chase Ebby and hang on to her tail so Ebby had plenty to say at the beginning of a walk . Shepherds being what they are, would then spend the walk trying to keep the human and canine family together, very frustrating and exhausting when your walking companions are Munsters. They are missed.

I would just like to say thank you everyone for your kind messages and support. Losing a special doggy friend is never easy.

Happy times ahead with Molly, her mum, grandmother and great grandmother. We will have great fun I’m sure .



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