Bit late I know but there ain’t enough hours in a day, sorry.

The puppies are outside as much as is humanly possible now .They have full access to the great outdoors and love it . Great Granny Willow is doing her usual job of gentle discipline, so important in the development of any young pup. They do treat her with respect. Granny Cassie loves playing with them and Kite, bless her, is still tolerating them feeding if they pin her down which they are capable of doing when they gang up en mass .

A new agility tunnel arrived which  they were all playing in within seconds without a care. Cardboard boxes are great fun too. 

Meals have been given alfresco, an important foundation for eating on picnics ! 

I will have to make my choice of puppy imminently, they are 7 weeks on Sunday. Such an even, good quality bunch  I really would love any of them. The micro chipping adventure is on Tuesday , then Friday they start to leave for their new homes.

I know there are 10 excited families counting the number of sleeps until their pick up day when life alters and a new adventure begins .

Here are some new photos and video clip for you to help the days fly by ! 



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