5 Weeks and Such Fun

The Munchkins are such a happy bunch. They are more or less weaned now. Kite gives them a quick feed first thing in the morning ,but after that she loves to play with them but avoids any contact with those sharp teeth, and who can blame her.

 They are eating  incredibly well, loving their Burns puppy food  and various variety of raw meat, all of which seem acceptable ! 

 Second worming course is under way, last dose tonight as well as a nail trim.

 They are going outside after every meal and pooing and weeing and have today been down the field.  Cassie loved playing with them.

They are oblivious to the weather ,which at the moment is not conducive to sitting on the lawn with them.

The chucks have been mostly ignored so far, not sure that will last as they grow up . 

Kennel Club registrations are applied for, they are “The Grasses ” litter. 


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