21 Days Old

Kite and her family are doing really well. She has recovered from her mastitis thankfully. She is looking a little scruffy bless her. Hair is dropping out in handfuls due to her hormone changes, apparently it does sometimes happen with human mums too.

The puppies appetites are growing, as is their demand for milk. Kite is such a good mum but you can’t tell me having 11 growing babies scrabbling at her tummy is comfortable. 

Chris and I have trimmed their nails to help Kite. Those little  paws knead her tummy to encourage milk flow. It helps prevent scratching and gets the little munchkins used to being handled, so important.

Yesterday we started them on a mix of evaporated milk and warm water. Needless to say they loved it, very messy but such fun. By the weekend they will be having their puppy “porridge”. This will ease the burden on Kite. 

One thing for sure is they will be proper cuddle monkeys they love being munched! 

Kite and her family are now receiving visitors so do please get in touch to come and see the wonderful family. 



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