Days 4,5 &6

The puppies are growing hand over fist , Kite is doing a fantastic job she has plenty of milk and most important her appetite is enormous ! 

She only has to hear Chris or I in the kitchen and she comes for another meal.We are more than happy to oblige. 


The photos on the red heating pad are of the girls and boys . We name the pups simply for identification purposes plus its fun ! 

In theory their markings suggest their name ! 

 So hear goes … 



from left to right    Yum Yum, Storm, Africa,Shades and Ollie



from left to right  G G, Gale, Tap, Tadpole,  Nessie and  Stitch 

Ebby is a miracle, she is back to herself apart from the various clipped patches you wouldn’t know what she has been through.

I have had a rotton cold but even that seems to be going, so life is on the up ,yeh . 

Mannerly Mutts are off to Ludlow Dog Day tomorrow. John and Julie who own the pups 1/2 sister Jas, are coming over to puppy sit.

All of the puppies are spoken for and I will post on here when Kite and her family are receiving visitors .

Enjoy the photos 


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