2 weeks

Kite and her family are doing well .The pups are gaining weight at a good rate and Kite is maintaining hers . With all of those mouths to feed she is eating every 4 hours and her appetite is very good. 

Chris and I have given the little munchkins their first nail trim. Their claws get very sharp and Kite’s teats can get scratched. She has had mastitis which is a bacterial infection caused by bacteria getting into her breasts, one little scratch is enough.

Kite had a trip to the vet and is now doing well. I was putting hot compresses on every 2/3 hours and massaging the blocked duct .

Hygiene in the whelping box is important too, so my washing machine has been on non-stop full of vet bed

Thankfully no more signs .

All the puppies eyes are now open and they are beginning to be more active, they are so gorgeous.

Looks like the tub to weigh them in will have to get bigger ! 

 Just a few photos and it won’t be long before they will be receiving visitors . 


20170731_445 20170731_444 20170731_443 20170731_442

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