Autumn has arrived

I am sitting at my computer typing this blog because the weather has broken and it is raining. I struggle to be indoors when there are jobs to do outdoors and the sunshine has been wonderful. We are harvesting all our produce out of the vege garden, potatoes have been a bumper crop we have 4 sacks, 2 of a variety called Anya and 2 of Kestral. I couldn’t say the same about the carrots but what we have are stored now , parsnips stay in the ground we dig them as we need them. Sweetcorn were mixed, pollination was hit and miss but they are so sweet, yummy. I freeze the bulk of them on the cob which works well. Tomatoes ,wow, we are beginning to look like tomatoes, ratatouille, tomato soup, etc etc, fantastic. We still have the last few Autumn raspberries too. So all in all a good year. 

Lionel, Crumpsbrook Bayleaf  (Jas and Dougies son) , won the last working test of the year at the GSP Test, in Laverstoke, Hampshire.
Full marks for hunting, which is unheard of, full marks for one retrieve and full marks for water. He won by 8 marks. Such a wonderful achievement. Chris and I went to watch a working test that Matt had entered with Lionel  and I must admit it rekindled my interest, so I have been doing some training with Kite. I am determined to keep the working side of my Munsters to the fore of their breeding ,even though I don’t shoot myself . Heaven forbid they should develop into 2″ types” like a few other gundog breeds.  My problem is time ,but you know what they say “if you want something done ask a busy person !”So maybe I will do a few working tests next Spring. 


Dill  (Jas and Dougie son) continues to do all sorts of canine activities, certainly showing how adaptable Munsters can be. He won his first canicross, I am so impressed by Dill and his dad Paul, he and Becky put  so much time into Dill and Lilly. 


Kite has now been to her first show, Driffield aged 6 months and 5 days .We went up in Betty, my car, with John ,Julie and  Jas, Kite and  Cassie their mother. Kite was awarded second place and her behaviour was brilliant she took it all in her stride ,stood for the judge and trotted around the ring tail wagging. Cassie had a first in Limit seemingly enjoying being back in the ring after her” pregnant pause” Jas had a highly commended. Shame the sun did not push its way through the fog that would have been the icing on the cake.Yummy scones  John and Julie ! Couple more outings for Kite coming up, Malvern next week then Midland Counties. I am pleased to have her Crufts qualification under my belt at the first attempt.


Last Sunday because the weather was stunning, clear blue sky, Chris suggested we take the horses in the lorry and ride over the top of Clee Hill. I am so glad we did , it was wonderful up there, views were fantastic and the horses loved the change of scenery.

Shropshire-20151004-00304 IMG-20151004-00298

 Its stopped raining now so need to get the outdoor jobs done, before dark 🙁 


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