National Gundog and Other News

I have been meaning to write this blog for days but somehow things get in the way .

Firstly something which I missed off my last blog, Keiko and Lionel, Crumpsbrook Angelica and Crumpsbrook Bayleaf, were the first of the Jas/Dougie litter to have their hips and elbows scored. Keiko followed her Grandmother and was scored 0 0 hips 0 elbows and Lionel 4,4 hips 0 elbows. Brilliant news, Hugo from the same litter will be scored shortly. I am thrilled with the consistent, low scores Crumpsbrook Munsters achieve.

National Gundog at Malvern was a great day. I showed Crumpsbrook Basil in Junior and achieved a first place, then I went in again with Crumpsbrook Larche (Fynn) for his mum who wasn’t feeling too well and he won too. We soon realised I couldn’t take both into the challenge so Mariet said she would cope with Fynn.  Ghyllbeck Rapax won the ticket and the Reserve went too …. Fynn, his first RCC. Mariet suddenly felt much better, WOW ,we were over the moon. The achievements of the puppies I breed makes me so happy, I love to encourage new people into showing and enjoy their celebrations when their dogs do well


20150804_195There are yet more achievements to report, Crumpsbrook Hebe, Sky who is Cassies daughter from her first litter has passed her assessment to be a qualified PAT dog. Many congratulations to Wendy and Bill, Sky’s owners.

I am so proud of you all, whatever your achievements. Keep the news coming I love it .


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