July… Summer?

July has been a bit of a damp squib, fortunately though the sun has shone when needed. I took my horse Johnson to a show for the first time in an a20150705_151ge. I was in too much pain before my hip op and since then life has been hectic and he has taken a back seat. So I dusted off his show bridle, polished his saddle, trimmed his legs and mane. He looked a million dollars. The down side was I couldn’t fit into my show jacket and jods, so I purchased a new pair of jods and baulked at buying a new jacket. Amazingly my friend Marce ,who loves charity shops had bought a riding jacket for Pete her hubby, she said for me to try it on and when I did I realised ,because it fitted so well, it was a ladies. RESULT! , I now have a new, well fitting riding jacket. 

Marce has had a new horse called Domino, a 15.2 piebald cob who is gorgeous. He came to the show with Johnson, his and Marce’s first outing. 

They both behaved impeccably, Domino participated in in-hand coloured where he finished second. I entered Johnson in his  first veteran class and I blew it ! I was so ring rusty, cantered on the wrong lead, corrected it but not soon enough and then because I had failed to read the rules for veteran classes, when I did my individual show I extended his canter, something which I have done many times in ridden cob. Then when everyone had done their “bit” we all walked  around the ring. All the other competitors were called in and we were called in last. I was so disappointed, but when the judge handed out the rosettes she came to me and said “you were my winner, the reason I could not award you the class was because in Veteran you do not extend in the canter and that combined with the late canter lead correction was too much to ignore”. So moral of this tail is read the rules! Still I was so proud of Johnson and he loved his day out.

Domino goes to Burwarton, our local agricultural show ,where I think he will do well, watch this space.

20150719_149Mannerly Mutts had its first stand at a show , The Ludlow Dog Day. We had never done anything like this before but the catchment area was perfect. On the morning we set up in pouring rain but by the time the show opened at 10.00am the sun was out and stayed out for the rest of the day. It was glorious, such a fab setting, Stokesay Court, where the film Atonement was shot ,was stunning. There were 3000 people there and £20,000 raised for charity. We were so busy, talking to clients new and old, it was amazing, such a brilliant day. Something we will do again.

Jas is back with us again for a few days while her mum and dad, John and Julie, are in France. She has slotted straight back in to life here at Catherton. Earlier the same day, before Jas arrived, we took the girls for a run to a woodland not far from here, it was pouring with rain. Willow our oldest Munster did her usual trick of leaving the youngsters to their own excitement and disappeared off hunting , nothing unusual there, but when we whistled for her to return she came back pushing through the undergrowth, her favourite pastime, covered in “Bobby Buttons” the seeds from Cleevers. Never have we seen such a state , sorry no photographic evidence, but I think every bit of her fringing was covered in the b…. things. John and Julie bought Jas over and sat with us helping to tease them out. The others had a few each but nothing in comparison, such a tedious job. 

Cassie went to East of England even though her coat was significantly lacking (odd comment in an otherwise lovely critique from the judge who thought her coat was good). I was very happy with her result of second in Limit. She has now been spayed, which has gone very well and will come out with Kite in the Autumn. 

Kite is at that leggy gangly stage she continues to thrive and so far so good with her development. She is such a wonderful character.


I have had a lot of fun showing Hugo, Crumpsbrook Bayleaf ,during my girls absence. I really rate him, so balanced, square and with substance. His mum Karen struggles with her nerves, bless her, so I will continue to show him for the immediate future. He went to Leeds and won his junior class.

The rest of the  Herb litter, from Jas and Dougie are certainly busy. Lionel has had great success in working tests with Matt and Dill seems happy to try any doggy sport available , I don’t know where his mum and dad,  Becky and Paul, get their energy  from, “oh the joys of youth!” Keiko and Sarah are having  a successful time in the show-ring  too. I am sure Lionel will be back in the ring when Kate and Matt’s new arrival condescends to join us in our world.

Enjoy the summer folks, lets hope August is sunnier.

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