Crumpsbrook Kerria

Well what a weekend, I had to choose my puppy. I had narrowed the bitches down to 3 possibles, tricky in itself. I knew what I wanted to achieve, the puppies were gorgeous but I needed to “split hairs”. I narrowed the field to two and continually went from one to the other, I could not decide.

Today, Monday, they were booked in for their microchips so a decision had to be made. By the time I went to bed Sunday evening I thought I was sure, I got up to go to work and when I came home for breakfast I asked Chris to photograph the two “chosen ones” once more.

Topline …good

Reach of neck …good

Angulation fore and aft…good

Forechest …good

Tail set …good 

Straight  forelegs…good

Ribbing… good 

Depth of chest…good

Expression …good 

OMG. this was tough, but one just stood there, perfectly balanced, smiled at me, wagged her tail, made eye contact and declared she was the show girl. Decision made.

Crumpsbrook Kerria is ……..Kite ,Ta Da. 


The first ones go Thursday, I know the people who wanted girls have had to be patient, but they will all be wonderful Munsters, so confident and have all had a clean bill of health at the vets today.

The theme of this litter is Spring Flowering plants, Kerria is a tall plant with yellow pom pom flowers that has been very cheery this Spring. I am so looking forward to her developing and hope she blooms in the ring like her mum Cassie.

20150516_8920150518_87 20150518_88  20150517_86 20150517_8420150517_85 


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