Mannerly Mutts open day was a huge success, lots of people and their doggies and at one point we had a queue for car parking . HQ. looked smart and the last of the agility equipment arrived the morning of the day before, phew!! Thanks to everyone who made the day so special including Julie Darby and Evie and her friend Carrie with her collies Storm, Breeze and Ice who demonstrated how Agility should be done! A group of my clients and their dogs did an obedience demo which was faultless ,so impressive for family pets, made me very proud. Jackie and her Boarder Terrier Hetty did a charming heelwork to music demo. I was so impressed by all of the participants, its not easy putting yourself and your dog out there in front of crowds of people. 

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I am now an agent for Albion dog food and have a posh freezer with their raw meat and bones. I am frequently amazed at how a change of diet alters my clients dogs behaviour.Though I do feed raw meat and bones to my girls ,they also have Burns complete mixed in I find this a practical compromise . Albion are in the process of revamping their website so I will put a link ,( or rather Chris will !) when it is up and running.I have used it for several years now and love the consistency and quality. 

Now the important bit ,the munchkins 6 weeks old now. They have had their first stacked photos taken, bless they were a little wobbly but most managed at least one decent pose.  I now have the time to analyse them over the next few days and make my choice, very exciting.

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When Jas had her litter with Dougie last year Chris and I met a lovely and very knowledgeable couple called John and Julie, they had a bitch puppy from me called Elsa. Very sadly John was taken very  poorly when Elsa was a few months old and had to spend several weeks in London getting treatment. Anyway the upshot was, after much deliberation, consideration for Elsa’s upbringing at such an important time in a puppies life and great sadness for John and Julie, Elsa was rehomed to a wonderful family who had only recently lost there elderly Munster and wanted another. This has been the best  outcome for Elsa who coped brilliantly with the move.

 As you can imagine John and Julie were very sad but knew they had made the best choice in a very unselfish way . We have remained friends with them both and knew that one day they would hope to own a Munster to share their lives with .

 John’s health is fairly stable now ,but they declined the offer from me for a puppy from Cassies litter as they had arranged various trips this Summer . They adored Jas who if you remember was Elsa’s mother, so the idea came to me if they were interested in adopting her. She is a lovely girl who I felt had so much to give being a single “child” she loves interaction with humans . Obviously with our lifestyle with 5 dogs and the horses and the vege garden and now Mannerly Mutts getting busier Chris and I are limited  with the amount of time the girls get on a one to one basis. They have a wonderful dogs life and are all adored but with my behaviourists hat on I could see Jas would thrive with individual input. She loves doing gundog work,we actually did a working test and with the advent of agility here at Catherton she shows a natural aptitude for that too.

Jas has gradually been acclimatised spending time with John and Julie initially she was taken for a walk to our local forest which” J,J and J ” loved. She then stayed for one sleepover and as everything has gone really well she has now moved to live with John and Julie. We will continue to see her lots as they live close by and she will always be welcome home at any time. I know she will be adored and cared for but we do miss our “Jasley cuddles”

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