Happy Easter

P20150403_12uppies are doing really well, they have had their first weigh in since birth and have all gained weight. They have alos had their sharp little nails clipped. This is much appreciated by Cassie. Cassie is happy to have a mooch down the field now, we put the munchkins heat lamp on and they are perfectly happy. We are still getting up at 2.30 am to feed Cassie ,Chris and I do alternate nights, she goes out for a wee then has her egg and evaporated milk, which she loves. This probably isn’t necessary with this size litter but it seems a small thing that we can do for her. She did have a day or two when she wasn’t eating as well as I would have liked, but that didn’t last long and now she is ravenous ! I expect their eyes to start to open in the next day or two, they are already much more active and move around the whelping box, dragging their fat tummy’s 🙂

20150403_13 20150404_11

The weather has been beautiful here we have been tidying the garden borders and planting seeds for my veg in the green house. This time last year I was in hospital having had my hip replaced, how time flies.

I am sad to say I have resigned from the LM club committee , I have so much going on this year with starting agility training I just cannot commit to anything else at the moment. I would be happy to do another stint in a few years, when life returns to normal ! 

We are having an Open Day , “Have-a-Go” day on Sunday May 3rd. Its free, lots going on, various demos, and doggie trade stalls and an opportunity to try a few agility obstacles. And of course the puppies will be making a guest appearance. If anyone is near enough and would like to come it would be lovely to see you and your pooches, Munster or not ! 

Details on my website www.mannerlymutts.co.uk 



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