3 weeks

The puppies are altering every day now, definitely interacting with one another. Their voices are developing and I am sure they hear when I make encouraging noises. Yesterday, Thursday, we opened up their whelping area and put down the plastic putting newspaper on the top and bless them they are already moving off their bed to wee and poo. Cassie has continued to feed them well but she is happier to leave them to get some valuable “me time”. The hair on her  tummy is getting thin now where the Munchkins’ paws kneed her udder to encourage the flow of milk. At this stage I like to encourage the babies to lap some evaporated milk mixed with warm water. Needless to say they took to the task like ducks to water. Most of them ended up paddling or sitting in it but never the less they loved it. The same cannot be said about the cleaning process afterwards. They were all in need of a wipe down to remove the sticky milk and they were then put under their heat lamp to dry off. I am sure in another few days they can be introduced to their Burns puppy food.

Enjoy the pictures and footage.




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