Mad, Mad world !

DSC_0208I have not had a moment to write my blog,so much has happened so here is a brief resume.

Firstly Crufts was brilliant Crumpsbrook Munsters had a great result so many really good placings .What is so rewarding for me is the number of new exhibitors with my babies. I know how much they love their Munsters and to see how thrilled they are showing at the biggest dog show in the world is unbelievable.

My Shepherds have been in the wars ,Ruby and a narrow escape on the yard with the horses. Johnson ,my cob, decided to push Pepper ,Chris’  horse off his hay and poor Ruby was in the middle .How on earth see escaped ith her foot intact is beyond belief .She had sliced some flesh in-between her first two toes and broken a nail . One visit to the vets and a few stitches later she was fine .She has new found respect for the horses now ! Then Ebby had to go to the vets for x-rays when she became lame.Normal rest for a few days did not help and then 4 days of Rimadyl made no impression, in fact she became much worse over night, preferring not to put the foot down at all .Anyway the upshot of this is the vet was amazed at her joints for an 8 year old Shepherd ,so they were not the cause, there was no sign of bone cancer which I was dredding. So the diagnosis was soft tissue injury. She has had a steroid injection in her shoulder and now we wait and see .Fingers crossed she has not ruptured a ligament or tendon because the prognosis for that is poor . She will have 2 weeks restricted exercise and we will see what happens .

The menage is finished now, I hope never to have to shovel sand again !  My back still isn’t the same, but it is so worth it.

I have been on my residential training course to allow me to teach  agility .My friend Jackie came with me ,she will teach at weekends and summer evenings. My aim is to hold classes during weekdays. Mannerly Mutts are holding an open day on Sunday May 3rd with ,Have-a-go agility, various demonstrations including Agility( hoping for a Munster versus Collie match ), Pet obediance, Heel work to music ,and a Gundog demo .I have a companies coming who specialise in raw food , doggie shampoo and herbal treatments, a groomer, and several products like special hand made doggie throws .  Everyone wecome.

 Cassie is imminently due to whelp, everything is ready in the maternity wing. She is very uncomfortable now and her temperature dropped this morning Thursday. Keep fingers crossed everyone for a safe arrival of the munchkins . Will obviously update as soon as I can .


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