Crumpsbrook Babies Day 1

20150328_01Wednesday morning I took Cassie’s temperature and it had dropped, this has been a good signal for me over the years, but this was a few days early. By lunchtime she was panting and pacing up and down. I knew things were immanent. The first puppy, a girl, arrived just after 3.00pm ,very civilised. All our puppies have names given to them in theory to ease identification, but some are quite convoluted but its fun. So the first girl we called Penni, she has a peninsula shaped mark on her left side! Cassie then kept us waiting over 3 hours for the next, she was very relaxed and happy with no contractions but I had to keep telling myself she was fine. Just as I had asked Chris to sort things for carrying puppies and keeping them warm  in the car for a journey to the vets, the next lot of contractions started. This puppy was a boy and huge and needed a big effort from Cassie and a little help from me, guess what he is now called Hugo. Ten minutes later number 3 arrived, probably all the heaving for Hugo had pushed this one into position. This was a girl, she has a grey nose so we called her Shadow. Another 3 hour wait (this is so stressful!) before number 4 arrived. It was just after 10.00 pm by now, a boy so like his Dad his name is Dexter. Badger was number 5 one hour later, not rocket science to guess why he has his name. Girl number 3 then. She is called Kite, again self explanatory, she has a small kite mark (so she definitely meets the required standard!) on her side. We are now well into the middle of the night, 2.00am. Ace was born,she has a mark like the Ace of Spades on the top of her tail, Marce our friend that some of you met at Crufts named her. Then finally girl number 5 and puppy number 8 arrived at 4.00 am. She was also named by Marce, she has a shape like an elephants ears with the trunk running down her tail, so Nel, after Nellie the Elephant was born. 

20150328_06I had thought that Cassie was having a numerically large litter due to her size, it is a large litter but not in numbers of pups,, they are consistently across the board, the strongest, chunkiest litter we have had. The smallest being 448 gm ,almost 1lb with the largest, the second boy being 524gm. I am so delighted, a perfect number which Cassie should cope with easily. 

Enjoy the photos and video footage of Day 1 hope they make you smile 🙂 

The 5 girls, below 


20150328_07   20150328_03


3 Boys 

20150328_04   20150328_05

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