Love is in the air!

Well eventually Jas came into season, her first since her litter last April, followed a couple of days later by Cassie, hurrah!

I took her up to the Hargreaves on Monday 26th for her romantic liaison with Dexter. True to form Cassie played a little coy ! Anyway Dexter was very keen, poor boy has had 2 of his fellow Munsters in season at home so he was very happy to oblige. I am very excited about this mating as it is something different for me, a return to old Ghyllbeck lines  (Holcus), which is way back in Willows pedigree, (Willow is Cassie’s mum) and a German import line (Dixon Ciperro).

I know there are a few families that will be waiting for this news with great anticipation. I usually scan at 28 days or so for a conformation of pregnancy. That is the worst time, those 4 weeks seem to take for ever. Still remember that special things are worth waiting for ! 

 This does mean that Cassie will not be at Crufts this year. Jas will be there hopefully, and a few other representatives of Crumpsbrook Munsters.

If any of you can come to Crufts on Thursday 5th March come and say hello. If you haven’t been before it really is amazing and worth a trip. I will also be there again on the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training stand on Friday 6th, chatting to people about all things doggy. I can’t wait, I love it.

 winter2015-2 winter2015

As far as home is concerned we have largely missed the snow so far 🙁 we had a sprinkling but that was all.  Perhaps there is time yet, I would love to be snowed in for a short while anyway.

Porta cabin has arrived, Chris has been busy repairing various bits of it. Delivery was a little stressful as the lorry got stuck on our surface luckily after he had lifted the cabin off. Our old riding surface had rotted down and was very slippy but Chris had borrowed a friends 4 wheel drive tractor and he managed to tow the lorry off. The riding surface has gone now to our local tree nursery as a mulch for their Conifers. Sand and fibre will be replacing it as soon as weather permits. Perfect for riding and my dog agility plans.

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