Happy New Year

We have had our usual festivities here at Catherton. Plenty to eat and drink and some lovely walks with the girls. We will be going to Cheltenham races again on New Years day which I really look forward to, its such a lovely way to welcome the New Year in.


Jas’s puppies are growing up and I have managed to see Keiko and Hugo at LKA in December. Kate, bless her, had a good idea to take Lionel and enter Any Variety Gundog Puppy. Sarah and Karen entered to and I went along to see the pups. Lionel I have seen regularly and Keiko a few times but Hugo I hadn’t seen since he left at 8 weeks. They are such quality all of them. Keiko was the little girl I would have kept, so I shall watch with interest. Lionel and Hugo will both be regularly shown as well and my plans are to keep a Dexter and Cassie bitch pup and mate to either of these handsome boys. That of course is a long way in the future, I cannot help myself, thinking ahead. Lots of bridges to cross in the meantime but so exciting.


Cassie has had her DNA colour test done and can only have black and white puppies, good news and she has now had her eye test updated which is clear again. Now we are waiting for her to come into season. I have entered both her and Jas at Manchester in January and the club show February. Jas to is due in season, she hasn’t had one since her litter in April, but my theory is I would be disappointed if I hadn’t entered and they could have gone. I shall hold out until as late as possible for Crufts entries as that is more expensive.

It is sad that Jas and Dougie’s babies will not be at Crufts due to the lack of qualifying shows at the correct time. They were not old enough at the last Champ show of the season and we do not have another qualifier until WELKS in April, that is obviously for 2016. This means they will miss their puppy and junior classes at Crufts and will hopefully appear as post grads for their first visit. Large Munsterlanders have a 6 month period without Champ Shows with tickets October – April, we have to be placed in the first three at these shows to qualify for the following Crufts. I am sure this has been noted before but perhaps its time to push for a change. Something I will bring up at our Committee meetings.

dogsbytreeThe horses are coming to the end of their holidays, they are so woolly and fat it will be good to have them back. Neither of them did much last summer, I was incapacitated with my new hip and Chris was busy looking after me and the menagerie single handed, then we had the litter of pups and so the summer vanished.

I have exciting plans for my Mannerly Mutts business to for next year. I have 2 modules left to do then I will be qualified to do insurance work on dogs with behavioural issues. I have a porta cabin arriving next week which will be my office and consult room. At the moment owners and dogs come into my conservatory, not ideal as a lot of the dogs are very stressed or unbalanced and that brings its own issues. I am also planning agility classes at home on our riding surface so its all happening.

Whatever 2015 brings for you I hope it is successful and most of all a happy year, see you at the shows.

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