Revitalised Website and Exciting Times !

crufts14-5This year has gone by so quickly its scary. Crumpsbrook has had an amazing year in the show ring, Cassie has now got 2 tickets. One at Crufts and the second at Leeds. Yes, I would love to get a third, but I am thrilled to have bred a Munster from my first litter that has achieved what she has, to date !

Mandy has had success with her first litter too, Poppy, Oscar and Esther’s daughter, has her first RCC. Moss, Poppy’s brother, has had success too winning lots of puppy classes. 

Jas has had a busy year, she had her first litter of 9 puppies earlier in the year. Our friends Kate and Matt own the father Dougie, some of them will be out in the ring next year and they are looking very promising. Jas is looking good again, her coat is back and she will go to Crufts in the Spring, she is such a sweet girl, I am blessed.

Crumpsbrook is going from strength to strength, I am so proud,with the foundation and I always look to the future. With this in mind I have had long pondering’s about my breeding plans. I do have a plan to mate Jas to Dougie again in a year or two, the temperament and working ability,especially Dougie, of these two bodes well for the offspring. The problem I have is the bloodlines. The issue with Munsters is the small gene pool. This, combined with the rigorous health tests, make it tricky to find a suitable boy. I do not want to go abroad, I like to  meet my future stud dogs. I leave that side to others that have the knowledge and contacts abroad , and  foreign health tests are not as rigorous as here, which has caused issues. I prefer to wait and see what the resulting puppies from these matings are like, then consider the offspring. This is exactly what I have done. Those of you that know me may be surprised at my choice initially, not least because the dog is a big boy. I am not keen on dogs that are over breed height standard. My view is the standard is there for a reason and we should attempt to breed  to that standard, particularly with issues that may effect the dogs soundness. Tall is not necessarily good, an analogy I use is my cob Johnson. He is not tall, 15.3 h, but has great depth and bone, he could carry a greater weight all day hunting than a 17.2 thoroughbred for example. With my lines I have the opposite issue, my girls are consistently on the lower height standard and the boys could do with a little more masculinity, so I hope you can see my reasoning. What I like is a square Munster with good depth of chest, strong bone and balanced angulation fore and aft. I realise this is my personal interpretation and that’s why I am passionate about breeding. Its fascinating and exciting.  Pleased to announce results are back of Casssie’s colour DNA test and she is Black Black.

The boy I have chosen is Ellscott Glen Finnan Illa Ghyllbeck or Dexter to his friends. I had been warned by Mandy and Kate he is a big lad but to be honest when I met him I was not put off. He has substance to die for, such good strong bone and when I looked at him from a distance he didn’t look lanky or tall because he is in proportion. My other emphasis is on temperament and he is a joy, so affectionate, level headed and biddable. He didn’t know me from Adam yet coped with my stacking and going over him without any fidgeting. He has a classic melting expression which definitely worked on me. My plan is to keep a bitch pup, its so exciting. 

Hope you like the revamped website. Thanks Chris !

Ruby my new Shepherd puppy has her own page now. She is 8 months old now and such a fluff ball, her coat is the richest colour. She is just the most perfect girl I adore her. We often take her into our village and she attracts so much attention because she is so beautiful. She will have her health tests in Spring 2015.

Will keep you posted on Cassie and Dexter. 



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