L.A.P. Life after Puppies

It seems an age now since we had Jas’s litter running around. Life has returned to as normal as it ever is here . Decorating completed, chimney repaired and we have managed a couple of special days out with Pete and Marce. One to Gatcombe horse trials and the other to our local agricultural show, Burwarton. We had lovely food in the shape of a picnic at Gatcombe, which Marce and I are well practised at, a few bottles of bubbles, one “proper job” for Petes’ birthday.Then at Burwarton we take it in turns to produce a breakfast, it was Marces turn this year and she did us proud with a full English, yum.Both of these were much needed after such a busy year so far. 

cassieandzennorChris and I had a long trip down to Paignton Show which was made worthwhile by a visit to Liz and Mark’s lovely home in Ipplepen. They are proud owners of Zennor (Cassie’s daughter from her first litter) and made us very welcome.

Jas has recovered from her duties, she and Ruby are loving one another, I think Jas has taken the place as playmate for Ruby since the pups have gone. Her coat is sparce and she is entered into a couple of shows at the tail end of the season , I hope to qualify her for Crufts 2015 ,fingers crossed.

Cassie has been out a couple of times, its good to be out there again ,I can now run ,pain free, around the ring, such a shame Cassie has decided not to oblige !! She has been a right madame refusing to  move in the ring  . She has been pushing for” top dog”at home in our pack, showing dominant tendencies over Ebby ,my Shepherd . Ebby had not been herself for a while  and was allowing Cassie to dominate. Since Ebby was spayed a few months ago her energy levels have returned and she is so much better, this has resulted in her not being such a pushover. I am thinking Cassie had carried her new elevated position over Ebby to Chris and I . Not acceptable, in our household with 5 girls. We have been doing some training with her on a one to one basis to help reinforce our position as leaders. Though I do believe a pecking order has to be in place amongst the girls and they must be allowed to sort this between themselves, Chris and I have to be the ultimate leaders.Obviously the pecking order amongst the girls, will alter as new puppies come in and others get older, but our position has to be consistent.

cassieleedsDuring this phase of Cassie’s life she went to Leeds Championship show and won her Limit class and then went on to win her second C.C. Challenge Certificate , under Julie Derby , I know she has loved Cassie, having awarded her Best Puppy a few years ago. She obviously felt she had enough qualities and had seen enough movement to award her the ticket. I am very grateful to her, though part of me wishes her performance had been better . Two tickets down now, one to go ,who knows if or when, she will achieve her Show Champion title, but I love her conformation and am realistic about her chances.

Ruby my Shepherd pup is 6 months old now, she has developed into a lovely young lady. The longcoat German Shepherd has always been a weakness of mine. Some of you may be aware the coat length is not correct breed standard as it is at the moment . Shepherds have always thrown long coats even in Germany their homeland. It is a recessive gene . The German controlling authorities have never tried to remove this gene ,it is even described in their breed standard , the coat must still have a double layer. Times are changing and they now have classes for longcoats in Germany and the Kennel Club are considering including them too . I shall enter Ruby at LKA and see what happens, apparently some judges are accepting them. Watch this space !


Johnson my cob has had a very lazy summer, I even questioned whether I really missed riding and ought to sell him. Well that idea went as quickly as it came. I have got back in the saddle now and am loving it. He is such a special character, suits me so well , it has been a treat riding again and amazing to be able to get on and go without pain. He ain’t going nowhere! 

 We will be doing a puppies 2014 page on the website and a page for Ruby in the very near future. Honest !! 


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