The puppies are having busy social lives, lots of visitors, human and canine. The weather has been onside so they have been outside in the garden and down the field lots.

Important decisions are being made at the moment, Kate and Matt are struggling to choose. The pups are such an evenly matched bunch ,well conformed and wonderful charecters. We are all  so pleased with the quality of Dougie and Jas’s babies.

In my last blog I said we were going to attempt a family group photo. Well several attempts later I think we have succeeded. We tried on Thursday which was hopeless puppies running everywhere, then again on Saturday. This time heaven knows why we had much more success. Great Granny Willow, Granny Cassie, Mum Jas ,Dad Dougie and all the pups. Modern technology helped photo-shopping two images together. I am absolutely over the moon. What a sense of pride, 4 generations, a moment I shall treasure.

Final worming is under way and their last nail trimming. All went well, Katie and Sarah provided extra help. Thanks both.

They are such characters,all of them are happy, confident little people. Such fun to be with, having said that the clearing up after them is not so much fun. Chris and I are running around like headless rabbits, but loving every minute. Not much longer now, they will go for their microchips week after next. All their registration documents have arrived, this litter will be my herb litter. Those of you of a similar generation may remember the childrens  T.V.  programme The Herbs, starring  Dill the dog, the very friendly lion called Parsley,  Bayleaf the gardener and a very fat feathery owl called Sage, inspiration for some of the names.


 jas-puppies-2014-10 jas-puppies-2014-9 jas-puppies-2014-8 jas-puppies-2014-7 jas-puppies-2014-6 jas-puppies-2014-5 jas-puppies-2014-11

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