Puppies have had several adventures. We moved them into the conservatory during the day and because the weather is so good they have had the doors open onto their own personal patio! They love it. We have had to put shading on the roof which helps prevent them getting too hot. They still go to bed in the maternity wing in the lounge at night. Jas made the decision not to stay with them over night a few nights ago, she goes in to check them early morning, she still feels the need to clean up their poos so we clean them up beforehand. She then washes them and feeds them for a few minutes and then hops out. We have not heard a squeak from them, they sleep through until 6.00 ish. On average I think Jas feeds them 2/3 times a day but only for a couple of minutes each time. Those needle teeth must be so sharp. All the pups are feeding very well, they have their Burns puppy porridge with either lamb, beef or chicken mince and once a day they have evaporated milk. They were weighed on Thursday and are all well over 2 kilos, such chunky monkeys. They have had their second worming course, not too popular as you can imagine, but they soon forget when their next meal arrives.

 Today, Sunday it was such a wonderful day I thought they were ready to go into the garden for the first time. They were a little shell shocked for about a minute then they were off. They explored the lawn gambolling about, meeting  the chickens, basically having a wonderful time. It was such a special moment to see them, such confident happy babies, I absolutely love this time in their socialisation period. It is so important to let them experience as many different situations as possible. Life then becomes one big adventure and holds no fears. Thanks to John, Julie, Gemma and Mike for help in keeping count and for some of the photos.

The first two photos are of Great Granny Willow saying hello, then the next is Granny Cassie, its hard to believe we have 4 generations of Munsters. What I would love to achieve is a family photo with Jas , Dougie and their babies, we are hoping to give this a go when the pups are 6 weeks. Both Kate and Matt and Chris and I are very keen, I can’t imagine how difficult it will be with 9 babies running around. One of the puppy parents has volunteered to take the photos, heaven help us!

Next weekend Cassie is going to Windsor champ show ,this will be my first time in the ring since I have had my hip done, I am really looking forward to showing again.

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