3 weeks

The puppies are receiving visitors now and Jas is more than happy to let other people keep watch over her brood while she enjoys some fresh air.

Yesterday, I had fed her her lunch in the whelping box because she was busy feeding her babies and wouldn’t come out to eat,which she does most of the time now, and I had gone into the kitchen to do my lunch, when  I heard her growl, I thought Ruby my Shepherd pup had wandered in to pinch her food . I rushed in to find Jas trying to eat with lots of little noses pushed into her food. This was the moment I decided it was time to start feeding the Munchkins .They have had Burns puppy food mixed with evaporated milk which they loved .I’m not sure how much went  into their tummies, as a fair percentage was spread all over them and the floor . The next part was not so much fun for them ,they have to have a clean to remove all the food stuck to their coats. I am sure Jas would do as good a job as Chris and I, but it is so good for the puppies socialisation to be handled in this way ,it becomes part of life for them.




I have now returned to work and am trying to catch up with all my wait list of puppy training that has accumulated while I have been off . I had 20 families on my list and they all came to their induction last night, minus dogs I hasten to add. Ruby my Shepherd pup made her first appearence. She was so confident ,not at all phased by the people, she did her little demo of heeling on lead ,sit and down and was a star. Ebby did her crowd pleasing “away” which she loves doing, and recall and off lead heel work.

Ruby-4-months RUBY-4MONTHS-STACKEDebby1

Ruby aged 4 months  and Ebby


People are always keen to meet the Munsters , most having never seen one before. The” meet and greet” is something Great Granny Willow excells at she wins everyone over. Jas didn’t go obviously,but Cassie made a guest star appearence as Crufts Champion!  Her coat is thankfully now growing back.

I am really looking forward to Windsor in a couple of weeks. Karen ,who owns Henry is having another puppy to show and she has entered too, she will stay the night here and we will travel down together. This way she gets to see the puppies too.

 We have now had Ebby spayed, some of you may remember how poorly she has been on and off over the last year, so it was a tough decision to have this operation .I need not have worried she has bounced back and still allows Ruby to torment her.She is such a wonderful role model. 

willow3willow1  willow2  cassie1jas5

John Plant took some lovely photos of our girls. Willow top row, Cassie with daffs and Jas BP (before puppies).

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