Pups are changing every day now,all eyes are open and they are trying their best to get to their feet .Its a bit wobbly still ,but they trundle all over the place. Jas looks at them a bit bemused not knowing where to put her feet when she gets in to feed them.

 Today they have had their nails clipped and their 2 week weigh in, they will be wormed for the first time this weekend too .They are all gaining weight at a good rate and I have no concerns about any of them.

At the weekend the remaining furniture will be removed from the maternity wing and the plastic will go down, they are already trying to wee on the paper at the front of their whelping box so once they are stronger the front board will be removed, more paper put down in front of the box and they quickly learn to keep their vet bed clean.

 We always give them a name for easy identification purposes. Sometimes the reason for their name is obscure, for instance Turner is so called due to him having a solid black head like the sea bird the Turn ! Kitty has a marking on her back which looks like a cat.Hansel and Gretal ‘s markings were so alike and they were a boy and a girl and so on. 

The photographs are of them all individually, enjoy! 

Top to bottom as follows :-  Hansel,Minstrel, Grettal, Chunks, Betty, Kitty, Berry, Turner, Ghost,


 Minster-2-weeks Hansel-2-weeks Gretal-2weeks chunks-2weeks Kitty-2-weeks Berry-2-weeks Turner-week-2 Ghost-2-weeks

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