New Arrivals

Thursday morning, the 22nd of May, Jas was not interested in eating her breakfast, so with that and the combination of a drop in her temperature the night before I knew things were immanent . She started contractions and the first munchkin arrived at 12.00 .By 1.00pm we had 4 and she was finished by 6.30. Final tally 9 gorgeous babies, 5 boys 4 girls . All weighing between 415gm and one a whopping 500gm . 

Chris and I were both feeling the pressure of anticipation with this litter ,they mean so much to so many people.

Jas has done us proud she is so attentive and loves her babies. I am so relieved by the number of babies 9 is such a sensible number and all so strong and healthy.

The following photos are the first we have taken. More will follow.

jas-puppies-2014-4 jas-puppies-2014-3 jas-puppies-2014-2 jas-puppies-2014-1

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